Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market very popular day clothing trading center

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-09
Very popular day clothing trading center in guangzhou city, is located in guangzhou city people's south 13 on the 13th, floor ten floors, operating area of 40000 square meters. Two thousand households brand clothing manufacturers direct marketing business, is the largest, equipment guangdong one of the most modern clothing wholesale market, its a good business environment, rational management, each employee to create a talent for the company's free space. Located in Beijing -- 13 line the streets of heavens and the new China's building is 13 lines of bibcock, the building foundation in July 1996, formally opened to the end of 1998. Attracts many domestic clothing stores, including a lot of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other businesses, the clothing wholesale market to flourish again. The shops and gradually developed into the surrounding streets, formed a prosperous clothing wholesale business. According to expert introduction, with 13 on the road as the center, including the building of the People's Republic of China, very popular day clothing trading center, so the clothing street, line 13 bean bar street, east peace clothing store ( Market) Around in the logistics business circle, has become the longest history in guangzhou clothing wholesale distribution center. In and out of the thousands of tons of cargo every day here, traffic was up to hundreds of thousands of people, business radiation surface far to all over the country, Russia and southeast Asia. Line 13 and shahe, on behalf of the guangzhou clothing wholesale market, the two main clothing distribution center of lower class. With a white horse, station west of middle-grade route taken foreign trade city, 13 lines of clothing wholesale prices in 30 yuan, mainly meet the urban working class, Beijing zoo, Shanghai qipu road most of the wholesale market, such as clothing, all come from 13 line wholesale. The shahe city &qingdao garments is more cheap, 10 yuan can batch to men and women T-shirt, basic to remote lower-tier urban and rural areas. 'Very popular day' on the second floor is also do wholesale and retail shops, generally also open the door at half past six in the morning, the third floor office business is relatively stable, is mainly to the wholesale large undertaking 'packaging' business, retail, rarely do most after open the door at half past seven. September each year, are the most prosperous period, 13 line one, change garments according to the clothing wholesalers are all over the country to come here to take clothes, leather, knitting, sweaters, suits, shirts, jeans series, etc. More than N. In the 'new China' and 'phenomenon' between the two buildings there is a row names written all over the country cities point of delivery, comparable to the provincial bus station start, points in the province, Shanghai, hangzhou, shandong, Beijing, shijiazhuang, Inner Mongolia, such as multiple directions, also by air and land transportation, etc. Different modes of transportation. Near the delivery point, also formed the 'phenomenon' cargo stowage city logistics center, such as freight specializes in clothing wholesale business. Bus route: take 1, 31, 38, 61 road, 102 road, 106 road, 103 road, 128 road, 134 road, 186 road, 202 road, 217 road, 239 road, 251 road, 288 road, 521 road, 541 road, 552 road, 556 road, 823 road to the people of south road station
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