Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market widely accused of leisure garment city building

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-13
Widely accused of building leisure garment city is liuhua region a large brand apparel, clothing wholesale distribution at home and abroad. Since August 2001, widely accused of building leisure garment city staff has always been adhering to the 'hundred essence, creates the brand style' business philosophy, and constantly improve the building of the hardware facilities, improve self service quality, and allow customers to get more detailed and thoughtful service. Widely accused of building leisure garment city, timing, location, and the three major advantages, the city of domestic and foreign well-known clothing brand of thousands. Effective management mechanism, strong cultural atmosphere, benign competition environment formed garment city unique connotation, many merchants flocking to it. Leisure garment city not only widely accused of building reception of clothing merchants from all over the country, also facing southeast Asia, the Middle East, the americas, Europe and other overseas customers, is an ideal professional operation of foreign trade clothing wholesale market. Widely accused of building leisure garment city is located in guangzhou city commercial prosperous people north and south road interchange. The region is the major clothing wholesale center and major transport hub in south China, complete supporting facilities. Widely accused of building leisure garment city distance is one step away from the guangzhou railway station, bus passenger stations, hundreds of meters away from the subway station and China hotel, liuhua hotel, friendship theatre near at hand. Widely accused of leisure garment city is the center of the wholesale clothing trade area nearby, with a white horse, the new earth, tianma, liuhua, and many other mature clothing wholesale market, next to Chinese export commodities fair, transcendent excellence geographical position. Widely accused of building towers 15 floors of leisure garments, including 1 - 4 layer for clothing stores, area of about 10000 square meters, are all clothing wholesale, retail shops. They provide various features of the clothing attracted from all over the country and southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe and the United States merchants. In every trading day, the number of above are put into place, and there is a growing trend. In order to make the people and cargo diversion is more secure, fast, specially equipped with eight passenger and cargo elevator and building the six hand-held elevator. Bus route: 823, 518, 31, 203, 33, 552 north road, 7
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