Guangzhou city, guangdong province clothing wholesale market zhuo beauty clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-16
Zhuo beauty clothing wholesale market near guangzhou railway station, province bus station, located in the emerging within the clothing distribution center of zhanxi road, with a large number of passenger flow and convenient traffic, in the national clothing wholesale plays a pivotal role. In the sections of clothing stores, especially in the station west clothing market and zhuo beauty clothing wholesale market scale and passenger flow. Station west clothing market has several hundred performance standard bean, customer base large well-known manufacturers. Zhuo beauty of cowboy shirt trousers clothing wholesale, knitting sweater clothing, such as pro choice of many popular style, good quality, and the price better, clothing wholesale zhuo beauty clothing wholesale market to guangzhou! About the station west clothing wholesale, like retail, didn't find the feeling, HuiMei shop goods is not much, not as wholesale. Standing in front of the west clothing market also don't feel like what the market. Want to ask next station west of the so-called high copy of high quality women's clothing, where have you got? Ha ha, that a group of clothing wholesale market also pretty much, more than one option can take a look at oh to zhuo beauty clothing market, just behind the HuiMei, and gold are both right, how about the supply of goods I also didn't go to the inside, next time you have the time must go and see, if you can't find the specific way to HuiMei directly over there, go to HuiMei look at the inside, at the south gate out can see the market. Address: guangzhou station west road no. 55 bus line: A 34, 290, 228 road, 238 road 42 530 road, 543 road 7 225 road 228 standing in the way well express qinfeng textile garment city bus 231 to the city bus terminal or guangzhou railway station B, 523, 524 road, 301 road bridge express express 524 fast line to the city bus station or train station in guangzhou hotel accommodation: guangzhou ying shang schwab, guangzhou hotel, guangzhou liuhua hotel and market bank: industrial and commercial bank of China, China construction bank, China merchants bank market: macro city supermarket, white building
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