Guangzhou city, guangdong province star clothing shopping malls clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-13
New star clothing shopping malls, stores in liuhua clothing distribution center, operating in the region is the gold district of clothing wholesale and retail. Xinxing clothing shopping malls, stores is belonging to the guangzhou automobile company of state-owned enterprises, in 1994 set up knitting wool series in liuhua region take the lead in professional market, thanks to the competent units and people from all walks of life support and friendly cooperation, continuous innovation, reform, become liuhua district specializes in knitted wool fashion a powerhouse. Xinxing clothing shopping malls, stores facilities, equipped with star standard decoration and service, with vertical passenger and cargo elevator, hand-held elevator, central air conditioning, program-controlled telephones, and provides the gear, office, warehouse rental, checked, business center and other one-stop service. Looking forward to the future, new star clothing shopping malls, stores will adhere to the years of 'strives for the survival by the quality, seek development with technology, service for reputation, management for efficiency' principle, in conjunction with the social people from all walks of life, with a solid pace towards the 21st century. Xinxing clothing malls in liuhua clothing distribution center, is the region's business clothing wholesale and retail gold district, from 1994 in the region take the lead to start knitting wool series of professional market, continuous innovation, reform, become liuhua district specializes in knitted wool fashion a powerhouse. Awareness enjoys a good reputation throughout the country. Mall facilities complete, one to open shops on the second floor, three to the sixth floor of high-grade scriptorium. Welcome customers to inquire or visit the negotiations, xinxing clothing malls we will do our best to provide high quality service for you, is your career, can show a better choice. Xinxing clothing department look forward to working with you to create brilliant. Bus route: take bus 231 express 231 271 271 301 a road express 301 road 823 holiday eve 88 road bus station to get off to walk the line 2 to liuhua station 15 meters by 180, 201 road, 210 road, 211 road, 228 road, 254 road, 257 road, 275 road 30 31 road 529 52 fast line 52 550 road, 552 road 803 a 803 road 805 short-term 805 road, 807 road, 807 road, 840 road 862 b road 862 B10 B2A road B2 road night 11 night 14 night 18 road night 25 road night and night 55 road night 79 road night 7 night 8 road peak express 21 43 one-way traffic peak peak express express (60 to guangzhou railway station Terminal) Get off to walk 78 meters
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