Guangzhou city, guangdong province wei kingdom dress tail goods clothing wholesale market professional wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-04
Guangzhou wei kingdom tail goods clothing wholesale market is the national dress tail goods distribution center, large-scale professional tail goods wholesale market in south China. The main business clothing, footwear, leather goods, underwear, hosiery, jewelry, foreign trade goods. By the global commercial real estate and urban operation '- — Wei kingdom department of international investment group investment operation of professional clothing tail goods wholesale market. Square altogether by tail goods, leather goods, clothing footwear tail goods, jewelry tail goods, underwear of five big tail goods market. Parking area of more than 6000 square meters, complete hardware facilities, and is equipped with central air conditioning. Form a complete set of perfect service system, including e-commerce, warehouse, logistics center, exhibition hall, perfect supporting facilities, such as dining room. Wei kingdom clothing chain tail goods market will be built in three years 30 provincial level city clothing tail goods chain market, every market size is 2 to 60000 square meters; 300 municipal dress tail goods chain market, every market scale of 1 to 30000 square meters; 2000 county-level city clothing tail goods chain market, each the size of the market for 3000 to 10000 square meters. Wei full after the completion of the dress tail goods chain markets a total construction area of 17. 2 million square meters. 350 - south China cinema nearby shops rent 550 yuan/square; Stop west square shops rent 700 yuan/square, turnover cost around $700000; Beijing day day foreign trade clothing market rent for 300 yuan/square, changed hands fee of RMB 300000. While the project is currently rent level has the very high competitive advantage. This item is in wholesale square surrounding the station west square and comprehensive upgrade, to solve their traffic crowded, form a complete set is incomplete, scale expansion and sustainable development. Project is adjacent to guangzhou train station, province bus station, belongs to the logistics center in guangzhou. Liuhua clothing business circle, shahe clothing business circle, line 13 clothing business circle and three yuan in shoe leather footwear business circle each big wholesale market near the pearl river delta hundreds of thousands of all kinds of apparel manufacturer, industrial base, the potential market. By the global commercial real estate and urban operation industry & # 8211; Guangzhou wei state investment group investment operations, all the good reputation and leading operation level, to ensure the success of the project. Across the country hundreds of thousands of clothing retail merchants and the secondary wholesalers paradise of replenish onr's stock, local residents must clean out treasure. Bus route: 807 a, 840, 228, 257 254 31 metro line 2 can arrive
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