Guangzhou shahe area clothing wholesale market for the goods

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-03
Guangzhou relatively concentrated believe that everyone has been to clothing wholesale market, and shahe area is more concentrated, so to speak, I also have been to several times, but it is too crowded, people mountain people sea, I also can't stand such people crowded people, don't know now and not crowded, and as I used to be more than many people condition also is a person a little crazy, to go there anyway I can't be serious thinking, only to go to, the clothes, there would be no empty, then why do you ask to see people? If you don't see people may step on someone else. Everybody said the shahe is a cheap goods relatively concentrated place, here the goods quality is not so good, but it is cheap, so a lot of people from around the country to come over to replenish onr's stock, we all know a price points a points goods. Shahe morning market, morning market is said to have a lot of good things, the price is cheaper, if conditional can find time to see wow, more than 2, 3 PM have almost all left, and left some blankets are also collected, feels just like the day shift on the surface of the mouth, the price is a little cheaper. But should also have to do with the other morning market market, to sure is a good thing, fry people will come to take goods, have a good stock. Said to fry some people also said other place can take goods in the past in shahe, get there will be more expensive price, and there is the clothing market of intermediate point, the goods to fry in the past, the grade of the goods also follow up? Said shahe goods quality no good, actually otherwise, also their position is different, relatively. Carefully around still has a lot of good things, because of shahe goods prices are relatively low, so many other markets have to fry, shahe, personal feel around carefully, or a lot of good, otherwise no one to fired, must walk more. Shahe, because most are doing to the public, basic it is other places selling money more, pay attention to see how the model pictures on the market, are in some star PS up his head. Many other places that sell for several months, but this is characteristics, quantity is very big still, so feel not so sensitive in the new place in the domestic side got the goods is more suitable. This is actually more personal opinion, saying everyone is trying to take the goods with the new, so the general style is too outdated generally you will only see, this style has its own characteristics, only do what people can't afford to go explodes the money must be hold such a big market.
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