Guangzhou world trade garment city will be more diverse higher-end new generation market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-03
Guangzhou liuhua garments commercial circle has more than 20 years of traditional clothing wholesale market cluster precipitation. However, with the continuously expanding development of business circle, the traditional messy, old facilities, form a complete set, lack of professional market planning, safety concerns and other issues highlighted increasingly, it is imperative to upgrade business circle. In recent years, with guangzhou to build an international business center city planning, the guangzhou government strongly professional market. Limited due to the expansion of old business environment, adjacent to guangzhou railway station and bus terminal such as province, city freight transport port liuhua garments commercial circle become key development sectors. It is worth mentioning that the grand opening of the costume city, with its large volume, heavy build form a complete set of hardware and professional management team gold medal, is bound to become a leading business expansion of the pilot project. 'To build global fashion clothing brand, Headquarters) Procurement base 'for the development strategy of guangzhou world trade garment city, to create' research and development - Design - Procurement - Show - Trade 'of the whole industry chain business model, a comprehensive drive the transformation and upgrading of liuhua business circle, and for China's apparel industry towards the world brand service platform, and promote industrial upgrading of Chinese garment industry. We are not the professional market as purely a business project to run, but the development of world trade city &qingdao in guangzhou and the whole garment industry and the development of guangzhou together. We hope to help world trade city &qingdao in guangzhou liuhua district upgrade, and guide the business from a single distribution function to the innovation, the high-end element such as design, brand development, guide the clothing specialized market innovation platform business model, build perfect market system in order to impel the overall upgrade of apparel industry, enhance its international status of China clothing. Guangzhou world trade city &qingdao the opening of the transformation and upgrading of traditional costume professional market will open to a new chapter of modern commerce, guangzhou world trade city &qingdao need to strengthen the connotation of costume design culture, making it the clothing designer's gathering place and clothing brand incubators. To achieve this goal, guangzhou world trade city &qingdao to construct platform for fashion design culture and breeding, hatching the independent brand as the guidance, screening of introduce the international and domestic famous design agencies to; At the same time, it will introduce independent designer brands, to promote the development of original design and cutting-edge technology. Guangzhou world trade city &qingdao will gradually with the international and domestic authoritative industry organization alliance cooperation, to carry out a variety of high-end industry activities, such as various and fashion trend release of new products, competition, training, etc. , attracting frontier and high-end elements to liuhua district gathered divergence, to assist businesses rapidly and accurately grasp the popular trend in the world, seek the road of brand growth. Under the gaining developing trend of China's garment industry, modern clothing specialized market is the upgrade of the industry powerful booster. And at present the market environment of global economic integration, clothing is not only to strengthen the brand internationalization, more to strengthen the international clothing business. With international standards of professional market and construction to the sourcing and supply chain grafting, to join the international procurement system. Guangzhou world trade city &qingdao strive to build 'real market + + business electronic distribution center' industrial chain mode. Large clothing distribution center, connected to e-commerce platform, to achieve the orders and delivery of synchronous, realize 'the stream of people, logistics, cash flow,' separation of modern professional market to upgrade. E-commerce platform to connect with traditional professional market, will make the connotation of the traditional business circle happen qualitative leap, make it easier for traditional markets from pure traditional service industry to the internationalization of modern high-end service upgrade possible.
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