Guizhou guiyang cheap and good quality clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-06
1. Guiyang world guiyang women world is one of the largest brand apparel wholesale, guizhou set assemble the Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, han, as well as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions of various schools, brings together the fashion, clothing, casual wear, cosmetics, jewelry and other kinds of female products. Guiyang women world is divided into eight floors, is the largest brand clothing wholesale in guizhou. 2. Guiyang city west street west street is located in guiyang city of guizhou province guiyang municipal district west street, there was a man world, woman world, dragon department, and a number of stores in guiyang city west street mall. West market was established in 1982, after years of support and nurture, from little more than 30 households in the early years of market development to the present professional wholesale market. A big world men and women world, dragon department, and a number of stores in guiyang city west street mall. Engaged in the clothing manage door up to tens of thousands of small articles of daily use, enjoy a certain reputation in the southwest. 45 currently contains all kinds of market, the market building area of 200000 square meters, the annual turnover of about tens of billions of yuan, pay local fiscal 25 million yuan. According to guiyang municipal party committee, municipal government approved the 'city west road reconstruction scheme' to the city of west road built the first commercial pedestrian street in the province, make full use of the city, west department store wholesale name brand effect of the market. , the key to improve the quality of the relevant market construction, promote the development of regional economy. 3. Guiyang southwest wholesale international trade city of guiyang southwest gold-sun international trade city is located in guiyang in southwest district, planning area of 10 square kilometers, the total investment of 60 billion yuan, a total construction area of 14. 2 million square meters, is a collection of market management, international trade, modern logistics, e-commerce, secondary CBD in the integration of large-scale comprehensive commercial cluster. Today we mainly to introduce the clothing wholesale, guiyang city from the original evolved the city west road, collected from guangdong and zhejiang businessmen. Our factory is mainly do wholesale clothing production in guangdong. Can directly to the factory to take goods, the price is cheap, design also. 4. Guiyang a man world guiyang world located in the city of guiyang Joan flower pale 9 west street south ramp in the middle, one attached to the layer, a layer with wholesale and retail brand clothing is given priority to, the second and third layer of shoes, men world brand exclusive brand show window, joining and wholesalers of base and brand development. Men world is located in the building with a massage layer to M, is located in guiyang city qionghua 9 city west street south ramp in the middle and north of city west, west street mall pavement under the viaduct 6 meters, south neighbouring health school, east of tiancheng commerce-residence building, west long shong building. Founded in August 2000, completed in March 2003, by the guiyang YunYan sea real estate development co. , LTD. , investment, covers an area of 2587. 5 square, 'man's world' mall contains A parking lot, commodity exhibition hall and office rooms, shopping malls, business shop front 220, office rooms 118 rooms, paving used to store goods there are 36, which attached A layer, A layer with wholesale and retail brand clothing is given priority to, the second and third layer of shoes, is the fourth floor with 50 parking lot with parking lots, and five layer, five layer, A six layer, M scriptorium and commodity exhibition hall. Man world brand monopoly, is the best window, brand display and brand development to join the best base and wholesalers. In brand willing to city around the joining trader to build brand marketing network and sales channels.
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