Han edition dress and Europe women's clothing which can reflect your qualities

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-26
Follow the popular Korean dramas, sweet also wantonly, han edition dress in fashion after another season of one season is elegant sweet wind, Europe and the United States Fan Zaijin season officially invasion. Euramerican style clothing trend, fashion, personality now won a han edition style, if your closet is still not a European and American van number then really OUT! Han edition dress to wear upper body, it can show the shape and show the charm of the woman, if you want better figure show, that you still fit in with the han edition dress, may be as people life quality rise, the body is becoming more and more heavy, so the euro clothing invasion is normal, can only say that everyone for different clothing, which is more suitable for oneself, put on your option is more comfortable. Han edition dress is refers to the clothes with Korean style design, such as high waist line, in fact is the merchant's stunt. In recent years, a steady wave Han Chao blow to the Chinese, from sweet romance, a blue Korean dramas, to full of Korean dance, music, fashion and personality, to today's han edition dress with Korean flavor to pester the season after season. General characteristics of han edition clothing should be comfortable, leisure, fashion, wear it can let a woman more feminine flavour. See on the market more to do with the fashion world of han edition dress after modified han outfit. The characteristics of han edition dress is deep understanding and grasp of the Asian women curve, perfect women and exquisite shape, sculpture is more suitable for Oriental female clothing needs. To sum it, ever-changing han edition dress in women's fashion family so bright is also understandable. Euro ladies can be roughly refers to popular style of Italy, Britain and France. They are generally referred to as the euro dress. To identify the euro actually women's clothing is not difficult, it the basic outline of the inverted trapezoidal, wide shoulder do a lot of, this also and the people of Europe high strong figure. European ladies wearing beautiful point is Europe's tall. So euro ladies with generous shoulder pads foil after broad shoulder line, starting from arms armpit, the waist natural adduction, is to beautify the better design of the form. Euro ladies also suits and casual wear, euro casual wear with han edition comparison is relatively large, natural appear have a style, very suitable for successful people to wear. Additional double-breasted, is one of the basic characteristics of euro dress, such as lattice is black with white double-breasted, the atmosphere is dye-in-the-wood. Different from sweet color in the style of Korea, Europe and the United States fan T-shirt is more of a personality, contracted two-piece T-shirt with administrative levels show the fashionable side, if a faint white condole belt and coat the outline of the silhouette of fashion. Europe and the United States fan also is not necessarily a heavy black, splicing, hollow out, stripes, flower elements are not less, women's wear this season's collection network in all kinds of fashion elements, in a perfect show of euramerican style at the same time into the Oriental female feminine traits. Whether han edition dress or euro women's clothing, is generally have distinguishing feature each, we'd like to wear loose point can choose euro ladies, if you want to cultivate one's morality effect, can choose han edition dress, still to be decided according to your requirements, we sometimes it is hard to make sure you like what kind of clothes, so the general can be a few pieces of han edition dress, euro women's clothing to a few pieces, it can be on different occasions, to choose suitable clothes to match.
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