Han edition dress the tide of fashion women's clothing industry pioneer

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-24
Idol drama believe that after 80, 90, 00 we have deep feelings, sometimes after all have to wait until the middle of the night, some people in order to going to see a TV can leave don't go to work, before they heard that a south Korean drama popular in China, many people are running after, that is natural in the middle of the night, there's even a company for the series finale collective vacation after drama, this have enough crazy, in fact, some people look at is to know the story, some merchants ah theater can seize the trend of clothing. Television series of the female stars in fashion, avant-garde, generous fashion, this let the most people look at is in love with, common saying say good ah, the clothes make the man, the drawbacks of clothing can make people to block, also can see the beautiful people more beautiful, so see good clothing styles, fans will chase, there are some people who are crazy to chase after the drama, producer to buy limited edition oh, this matter didn't exaggerate oh, so can follow up to make the domestic apparel businesses, shortly after a channel TV play, in each big clothing wholesale market to find the same clothing, fashion charm of chasing the han edition dress and reached the acme. This year's major clothing wholesale market also launched a hot dress up, hubble-bubble sleeve, bowknot, fold, lace details such as the processing on will make you more tender and lovely han edition dress. Anyway, TV inside some or is according to the original design style, design a paragraph about add some local elements, so that more can be welcomed! Fabrics are mainly made of pure cotton, gauze qualitative material and accessories such as lace, silk, knitting, color to white, yellow, pink, light blue, purple, is love fashionable young women. The trend of clothing ah it's really hard to catch a sometimes, sometimes maybe because someone wearing can become the trend of this season after the discovery, sometimes may be because of a network platform of hot style, also can let people follow suit quite a while. Han edition dress attraction lies in its use of exaggeration, it met the city busy people eager to vent the mood. Make public individual character is the source of happiness, and the width is wide to the extreme, wide leg trousers, thin thin to extremely tight. You can charm to the extreme, pure white tight vest, embroidered pants tender pink, one hand, a gaze, full of endless female charm; You can also be mysterious to extreme, no black belt vest with black wide-legged pants, ecru fishnet dress, an eye to pursue the mystery woman. Light looking clothes is useless, the main is everybody is affordable, if average salaryman called her to buy a limited edition of han edition dress, it's not too realistic, buy a piece of clothing is likely to spend her several months of wages, think about the possible psychological will loathe to give up, but also some people willing to pay the money to buy, but after bought instant noodles every day ah this is saved, but also has a lot of domestic manufacturer of han edition dress, though not what South Korea original genuine, but design and clothing fabrics can let the public accept, main is moderate price, don't have to eat instant noodles every day can have good-looking clothes, hong yu clothing with high quality and fashion women's dedication to customers at the same time, above the price of the product has been given priority to with popular routes, to make every women wanting to consumer purchase affordable, make you keep stylish state, at a lower price to buy like han edition fashion women's clothing.
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