Han edition dress which is more suitable for my local market and Europe women's clothing

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-26
Han edition dress is refers to the clothes with Korean style design, wave and wave Han Chao blow to the Chinese people in recent years, starting from sweet romance, a blue Korean dramas, the Korean dance song full of fashion and personality, to the han edition dress today, they are riddled with 'Korea' taste the season after season. General characteristics of han edition dress should be leisure and fashion, wear it can make women more 'feminine'. Han edition dress you see on the market more to do with the fashion world after improved. European-style clothing in general is given priority to with big edition low-cut, material is not more transparent, because European people admire the towering chest, rather than a hazy sense of perspective. Where the size of the clothes on also has many exquisite, European version of 9 to 10 to divide and Oriental size 36 and 40 yards. Most of the euro clothes are classic, cultivate one's morality, wide but not loose, very cultivate one's morality, color terms is also very simple, on the size of very exquisite. Euro clothing reflect shape curve as far as possible, generally use more stereo clipping. Difference is that national cultural differences, each country has its own aesthetic idea, or to suit as well. Not to blindly follow the trend of keep the style is better. But so did indeed everyone did ask han edition dress way consulting in recent years, the customer will only blindly q and the design of our website are also don't see, don't know whether the customer really understand what is han edition dress, actually our website clothing styles are han edition is given priority to, also can have a small number of points is yards, it is to take care of the people of different. Which version is more adapt to the demand of the market, of course, this problem is to you to be decided according to the figure of local situation, mainly to adapt to the local market or no sales again?
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