Han edition institute of fashion women's clothing wind dynamic personality

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-24
Han edition dress is a good catch, is known to all that was how it would be together again with the institute of wind effect? Now ladies all like to add a han edition, it will sound more personality? Wind on behalf of the young college students breath, youthful vitality and lovely fashion, is conducted on the basis of school uniforms. In fashion prevailing wind let people feel college students, college windbreaker to hundreds of folding knee-length skirts, small suit coat is in the majority. Popular wind to England college in recent years is simple, noble, with grid features obvious grain, plaid skirt collocation canvas shoes, leisure shoes, very beautiful. Sounds really is more let a person can remember the good old days, may be you will be more beautiful, when times and summer stripe, striped shirts and shorts collocation will become the younger generation almirah necessary article. Timeless stripe wind han edition T-shirt, girls like joker small unlined upper garment has become a hot hot style, joker style is lovely, mature and steady pursuit of fashion youth summer preferred, sure with it you can wear a fashionable elegant and amorous feelings of youth personality. Besides t-shirts classic stripe splicing blue skirts is full of sunshine, stripes delicate and do not show drab, let this one simple dress more contracted but not simple, not the same as refreshing. Attractive temperament arises, shaping a lady of feelings reveals attractive temperament. Good layout design printing patterns clear romantic flower, let you raise your hand is cast sufficient inadvertently release endless elegant small pure and fresh and fan. Once considered vulgar students took the doll gas, has become the killer response of melting and reduction of age. Apply to shirt collar doll add many sweet nifty feeling, this year brought especially lovely doll. Bowknot thin belt have a lot of college female temperament, this one season bowknot once again into the hands of the designer treasures, believe that many girls when he saw bowknot design will fondle admiringly. Loose version can increase the distance between clothes and body, the perfect cover XiaoDu belly, don't have to worry about outstanding XiaoDu belly. Breathing and easy to make clothes more breathable and comfortable, reflect the temperament of the elegant and delicate. College has no formal wind of seriousness, mix have their own personalities also more show young street snowboarding progresses.
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