Han edition of fashionable handsome men make you

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-23
Han edition may be commonly known women's more, in recent years since the dress is han edition, why don't men's wear, actually also is only our boys didn't seem to care what version, wear in the beautiful is a good version, boys requirements is so low, that we all know that han edition is thin look is given priority to, as our day last fat body, can we really thin clothes under the dress? Is actually can have and also can show thin, before I was wearing a thick coat, looks seem to be fat, even oneself all abandon oneself, then I add wool not only to find that there is a coat like so thick cotton-padded jacket, seems to feel thick a lot, just like this dress. Autumn shirt and coat dust coat is han edition boyfriend common item, autumn basically is given priority to with leisure straight leg, also can be worn with jeans, with a pair of leisure shoes, of course, if there is a inclined shoulder bag or a hand bag, can create more han edition boyfriend temperament. Although is a slowly cool autumn season, but don't wear special depressed, some boys everyday will basically is given priority to with heavy color, so the item is black or navy blue very much, if the body is this heavy color collocation, can appear the overall particularly depressed. So the autumn if coat choose light color department, then down suggest choose brunet department, and vice versa. , of course, if the whole body colors are dull, you can do bright spot on the hat or bag, will choose some bright color series, these accessories color break depressing make modelling more interesting, more han edition boyfriend temperament. Han edition men's clothing is another kind of modelling is the fresh campus wind, this kind of style shirt and pants, mostly with light color coat, down with jeans is given priority to, of course, in the autumn to choose color bright coat is a good choice, looks more lively and enthusiasm, and han edition men's another big features, can match a hat, whether the fisherman hat or a baseball cap, looks much reduction of age, will be the highlight of overall modelling. This is han edition style charm, can achieve the effect of the reduction of age, so just be like so soon, regardless of boys and girls seem to cannot leave this version of the type of clothing, after all, now everybody likes handsome young, who want to dress up all day in the old old? What will you in autumn and winter to dress up yourself? If you haven't tried han edition men's clothing to hurry up to give it a try, maybe you will be several years younger.
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