Han han edition dress the actress is basic synchronization in the domestic

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-27
From millennium dragon years later we will find that China and the world's big market now, our life is getting better and better, we also have more chance to choose a better product, with the Korean dramas popular in China, the above dress attire has attracted the attention of many people, however, don't know if we have such a person, every day, look at the clothes have much good ah, oneself also want to come on one or two pieces, but not suffer from their friends abroad, themselves also have no plan to go abroad, so I can only see the beautiful clothes even if, really want to buy are unrealistic, but with a great demand for everybody in this kind of clothing, some people started to do clothes buy on sb's behalf, it is also an emerging industry. On this street there have been some imitation of Korean actress dressing and Korea street fashion. Five or six years ago has been noted that the opportunity, to try to South Korea's stock. Has already made a decade in the clothing industry, the city way coral and Wendy building opened two stores Zhu Jie is 'eat crabs' in the first one of a group of people. As early as a few years to understand Korean, environment is also not familiar, few business partners together to find translation, run around with the translation be familiar with the market. Zhu Jie memories started to do this business, and South Korea brought enough clothes for herself and the client are pleasantly surprised, fashionable, unique design, item at least 2 times the cost of profits. Now engaged in the Korean clothing sales entity shop has hundreds of retail is given priority to, several engaged in women's clothing wholesale shop also increasingly large scale, more concentrated in the square road area. Shop owners 'frequent flyers', to replenish onr's stock is becoming more and more high frequency, less then 15 days, more than a second Monday, even in the local full-time rent in stock. South Korea's introduction of a batch of new retail clothing store, can also be put on with synchronization and enjoy at home. For clothing wholesale business, did to the new listing is crucial, is engaged in the Korean clothing wholesale, is to grasp the market dynamics, push the new every day. So my partner and I rented a single room suite in Korea, two people take turns to stay for 15 days, is responsible for the daily edition, cargo work, want to get more than a dozen new every day. Keen to han edition dress but misery is every taobao buy on sb's behalf to wait ten days half a month, to the clothes some inconsistent with pictures, some has been popular, more have a second-class one month clothes all over the season, bought clothes can't return. Shorter than cosmetics, clothing 'freshness' a lot. According to understand some of the biggest wholesale mall, South Korea, each store guarantee every week there are dozens of new products listed, as the APM mall every day there will be more than 1000 new appearance. Don't worry now we see the clothes of the heroine in the Korean dramas, a few days later saw a girl wear upper body in the street, not her taobao how fast, but is now South Korea women's fashion clothing store, have up to fall, with local popular trend basic synchronization.
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