Hangzhou big fashion women's clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-22
Hangzhou is one of important clothing supplies and industrial city in our country, is after guangzhou, the second most radiation influence city garment industry. The hangzhou fashion women's clothing wholesale market in where? Of interest might as well come in and have a look. Hangzhou, hangzhou states boutique in women's clothing city states boutique in women's clothing city is the rise of the new generation of consumer groups and to open a wholesale market, the inside of the design are young fashion women's clothing mainly. State design style should be in light much younger version of women's clothing in Korea and Japan, there are a lot of web celebrity hot style, avant-garde fashion design. In addition to fashion garments, and professional high-quality goods accessories wholesale trade. Business address: jianggan district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province, hangzhou sea business phone: 92-0571 86518853 second set XinHang XinHang leisure clothing city hangzhou, hangzhou leisure clothing city, is mainly engaged in leisure products ladies' fashion, in addition to the wholesale, retail, here on the first floor can especially the entrance to the several a clearance of change garments according to the price and style are very good, so by local a lot of people to concern. And the second floor will be relatively expensive, but better quality clothing. Overall XinHang wholesale price tends to upper level, but the quality and style fashion women's clothing wholesale market in hangzhou city didn't have to say. Business address: hangzhou qingjiang road 96 business phone: 0571 - 86515599 3, hangzhou zhongxing hangzhou foreign trade clothing city zhongxing compared with XinHang pie and state in the foreign trade clothing city is below average, there are many cheap jeans and leisure clothing foreign trade. Zhongxing decorating relative to other hangzhou foreign trade clothing city wholesale market is humble, but here is the source of the many web celebrity archives mouths. As long as you carefully for goods, will find a lot of good product at best price. Business address: hangzhou city, zhejiang province, uptown qingjiang road 92 business phone: 0571 - 86969255
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