Hangzhou women's clothing and women's clothing wholesale in guangzhou where is good

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-22
Said to the women's clothing wholesale and everyone will think of guangzhou and hangzhou, hangzhou women's clothing is good, some people said some said in guangzhou is better, may be to where is good, there may be a lot of people who went to guangzhou to take goods didn't been to hangzhou, and hangzhou pick people who also have never been to guangzhou, for two wholesale market knows only a one-sided say which good words are some unfair, you should be at least two are passed to say which more convincing. Here may be close to guangzhou people are generally not to go to guangzhou pick, and near hangzhou people take goods to hangzhou, for women's clothing design and style, according to the statistics of hangzhou current for women's clothing manufacturing enterprises more than two thousand, formed a huge women's clothing industrial clusters, the industry referred to this period of hangzhou women's clothing for hangzhou women's clothing. Along with the development of the 21st century China's economy, in China's active economic belt core position of hangzhou also ushered in the golden era of the development of the clothing brand, foreign clothing brand into unceasingly, also is in the early by jiangnan rich regional culture nourishes the growth of hangzhou women's clothing has brought the change of power, the traditional culture connotation and the combination of high-end western costume design concept, formed today's hangzhou sent dress 'pure and fresh and do not frivolous, not make public of fashion, delicate not overelaborate' unique individual character, attracts the attention of the world fashion apparel industry, is becoming more and more as an international fashion a new mainstream culture. Wide clothing incarnate the concise feminine women, represented by guangzhou, shenzhen, dongguan, dongguan humen's most prestigious. Because of geographical location factor, guangdong clothing greatly influenced by Hong Kong and Taiwan fashion characteristics. Guangdong clothing with its fashionable and practical, with leisure nature colour gives priority to tone, multi-purpose frivolous terylene fabric, clipping decent, varied styles, line is concise fluent, highlight the women's gentle temperament and suitable for the southern women's slender figure of jiao qiao. Is better for us to find where the ladies' the question really is no standard answer, for their own needs and to all aspects of the identity of the clothes, can we go to different places before making clothes to have a look at the first, and see which one is you want to choose the type of, we all know that only good clothing, suitable is not, as some people say they like just say where you good, where is poor, some experts pointed out that guangdong and zhejiang in recent years doing is actually pretty good also, but this is the difference between two products style, market orientation and channel distribution. Guangzhou women's product price is relatively low, popular route, the channels are distributed in first-tier cities, a line of port and the golden section. Hangzhou side women's price is a little bit higher, market channels, instead of sinking is better, more in the second - and third-tier cities.
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