Haze days should choose what kind of mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-27
When the fog the city such as come to the north, people rushed to buy a mask. However, in terms of tiny particulates filtration, these masks how much effect? Shandong across the many masks is a simple surgical masks. Associate professor of public health at the university of Hong Kong high Ben said in an email, this kind of mask design purpose is to prevent the blood splatter issues such as, rather than block fine particulate matter. 'Almost ineffective surgical masks in the filter pollutants, this is a very basic common sense,' he said. Surgical masks the material is polyethylene. Found that under the standard air flow rate, basic mask can filter is 20% to 25% of fine particulate matter in 50 to 500 nanometres in diameter. The size of the particles found in diesel exhaust, the diameter of less than 1% of human hair, because can deep into the lungs blood circulation and is particularly worrying. These data has not yet been considered between mask and facial flat, and this gap will further reduce the filtration efficiency. 'This means that if the wear is generally masks, enters the body there will be 75% to 80%,' said Dr Beam. 'So the situation is not so good. 'Experts said the better choice is to be able to block at least 90% of the national health shield to prevent mist haze mask. Health shield to prevent mist haze masks by shandong Hongyu Apparel medical products co. , LTD. , production, product by GB/T19001 - 2008 / ISO9001:2008 standard certification; 'National professional CMA PM2. 5 detection 'brand, unique antibacterial and filtering technology, protection against bacteria and small particles, both solved the N95 respirator for germs, the lack of protection, and solved the surgical masks do not prevent PM2. 5, is the PM2. 5 times arises at the historic moment of a new generation of antibacterial PM2. 5 mask.
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