Haze weather how to choose the mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-17
Recently, the fog is more and more serious, and the pollution lasted for many days, people go out carefully choose to wear masks to reduce the inhalation hazard. Experts believe that many masks on the market at present is hype concept, from a professional point of view, is the most effective N95, N99 strong prevention and control of the spread of respiratory infections. Such as SARS or influenza, but ordinary people wore N95 respirator is not recommended. In theory, a mask of protective material more airtight, block the effect of the particles, the better. Masks, on the other hand, the more closed, breathing resistance increases, the more obvious, breathing more difficult. Wearing N95 such professional protective masks are trained, otherwise easy to cause difficulty in breathing, dizziness caused by the oxygen. For the special groups, such as children, the elderly, people with respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disease, must be careful to wear, wear time also shoulds not be too long, lest cause other negative effects. Citizens in the use of masks, avoid two sides used interchangeably, should be replaced at least once a day. Respirator use, after use boiling water, then wash clean. You can also use a detergent or soap, after cleaning a few hours in the sun insolates, can kill the virus.
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