Heat haze weather gave rise to 'mask' expert advice to choose professional surgical masks

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-24
At present, the masks on the market generally have common cotton masks, activated carbon masks, N95 / type N99 masks, etc. Doctor said, director of the hefei city first people's hospital of respiratory, N95 / N99 type mask can isolate 95% / 99% of the pathogenic bacteria and the particulate matter, prevention of SARS and the flu is usually wear the masks, protective effect is best. While the cotton masks on market only have dustproof effect, can isolate larger particles of dust, but for PM2. 5. Experts suggest that people should try to choose professional mask out, 'surgical masks are approved by the state standard, licensed, masks citizen to carefully choose and buy in the market. 'Also reminds the reader here, winter wear a face mask will also need to pay attention to health, masks should be change every day, when cleaning in the disinfection of drinking water. Spray masks do not aromatic substance at the same time, because of aromatic substance may irritate the respiratory system, induce respiratory disease. Demonstrate how to properly 1 in masks. Flat mask 2. Hands between to face 3. Left hand holding down the mask, the right hand to protect the rope around the ears of 4. Right hand holding down the mask, the left hand to protect the rope around the ears
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