High-grade t-shirts wholesale goods should from what respect to know

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-22
High-grade T-shirt high-grade so expensive, because as we all know that we take goods could not only to understand and analysis from the aspects of your this one, that if someone else money's worth the price I think it is a high grade T-shirt take out, but to people after think isn't worth the price? This problem could be help you to see the goods don't bargain, it is possible that he bargain deliberately said isn't worth the price to you, and may be really isn't worth the price, so there is some problem, let others see who always for you, that we should learn how to run a T-shirt, how to distinguish between high school low-grade is we should master the skills. First of all from the fabric to identify 1. 100% cotton which is the T-shirt fabrics, which are frequently used performance-to-price ratio is high, although unlike other high-grade T-shirt fabrics, after the special craft processing, but 100% cotton, remain pure cotton superior natural features, close skin sex good, good air permeability, hygroscopicity good. If the budget is not much, also want to wear comfortable, this one is a good choice. Of course, some after hair removal, softening and dealing with special craft, 100% cotton, is also belongs to high-grade fabrics. 2. Cotton + lycra ( High quality spandex) Also known as lycra cotton have drape, and crease recovery ability, this is the weaving process is complete embedded spandex elastic cotton fabric. Feel is good, more personal, highlights figure, elastic, especially suitable for close-fitting clothes. Nearly two years began to use in the men's T-shirt. Generally when doing T-shirt fabrics, add spandex fabric can only do light alkali mercerization in low temperature. This kind of fabric is more adapted to the personal style of t-shirts, bone will be less. Pay particular attention to is that the fabric should be shrink water treatment. 3. Mercerized cotton high through worsted knitting yarn, mercerized cotton fabric with cotton as raw materials. Then through singeing, mercerizing and other special processing working procedure, bright and clean bright, soft anti-wrinkle high quality mercerized yarn. In this material is made of high quality T-shirt fabrics, not completely preserved the natural characteristic of raw cotton quality, and with a silky luster, fabric soft, wet gas absorption, elasticity and hang down feeling good; Combined with the design and color is rich, comfortable clothes and arbitrary, and fully reflect the temperament of the person that dress and taste. Mercerized cotton double mercerized cotton fabrics and exquisite in workmanship and printing are different from general clothing embroidery, suggest looking for dedicated high-grade T-shirt manufacturer, they are more experienced. We also can feel to judge from t-shirts, nice T-shirt sure touch feeling is not the same, the clothes will be particularly soft, printing design especially clear off color not easily, the car line is more formal, and is the process is not the same T-shirt, there are a lot of t-shirts already have design feeling, is not same as before, all feeling is just a T-shirt, now will be adding more elements, such as embroidery patterns, hot drilling, etc. , good quality is can be seen directly, we can sum up experience, a lot in the future must have access to in the process of taking goods.
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