High-grade yarn-dyed fabric is women's clothing manufacturer to tell you what

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-22
Hong yu clothing as Europe and the United States' OEM factory, now say small make up to you what is the yarn-dyed fabric. Used to yarn dyed yarn woven fabric, dyeing generally divided into dyed yarn and two kinds of colored spun yarn, yarn-dyed fabric usually says refers to use weave cloth, but also can make yarn dyed knitting knitting machine. Relative dyeing cloth for its unique style, at the same time, the price seems expensive. As a result of yarn-dyed fabric dyeing, weaving and finishing of total loss is large, high production is not as good as the grey fabric, so the cost increase. Type a: according to the different weaving method can be divided into plain yarn-dyed fabric, yarn-dyed tartan, Oxford cloth, yarn-dyed poplin, denim, youth cloth, khaki, twill, herringbone, gabardine, satin drill, small jacquard, large jacquard cloth and so on. 2: Europe and the United States' OEM factory tell you according to the different technological characteristics of QianHouDao can also be divided into: color via Bai Wei cloth ( Oxford, youth cloth, denim, denim, etc. ) Color by color weft cloth ( Gingham, grid cloth, bedspread, tartan, etc. ) And because of the process of hair, fleece, grinding, milling and form all kinds of yarn dyed wool cloth with soft cloth. 3: according to the different raw materials can be divided into yarn dyed cotton fabric, yarn dyed twill, yarn-dyed long wool-like suiting, pure wool, wool suiting, wool-polyester stick triad, corrugated gauze, bumps, gauze, etc. , and for silk linen yarn-dyed fabric lot of raw materials. Features better colour fastness, because it is first dyed yarn, color will penetrate into the yarn, yarn and dyeing cloth strip away usually see can see that some place without color. Minimum quantity is small. No matter what yarn weave, density, texture, color dozens of hundreds of metres can also do, but there is no fabric dyeing calico difficult to custom-made, printing and dyeing process can limit the small batch production. Advantages compared to dyeing cloth, yarn-dyed fabric with rich colors, stereo sense is strong, high color fastness, etc, but because of dyeing, weaving and finishing processes loss is bigger, high production and less than grey fabric, so the cost is high, high technical requirements. Europe and the United States women's clothing OEM manufacturer to tell you the yarn-dyed fabric share only 7% of global cotton industry, has the highest percentage of dyeing cloth and cowboy, future with consumer demand for clothing color and more fashionable and changeable, yarn-dyed fabric development prospect is still large.
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