History of the Jumpsuit

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-04
A jumpsuit consists of one piece of clothing that obtains full length sleeves and legs that allows you to cover your entire body. This garment was originally worn for utility purposes and used by skydivers due to the useful abilities including insulation from the cold, protection from fire and a guard from dirt. The jumpsuit, invented in 1919, has since been worn by a whole host of people for a range of different purposes. From formula 1 drivers to small children in cold climates, everybody has had some use out of a jumpsuit. Whilst the jumpsuit caters for many sportsmen and workers, it has eased its way into the fashion limelight more times than we can remember. These all in one garments were a prominent item of clothing in the 70's, with the likes of flares and all over flower print, jumpsuits portrayed the 70's mellow, hippy vibe with their loose fit and vibrant prints that just screamed flower power. Not only were jumpsuits popular in the 70's, but they also seem to link with future expectations. Jumpsuits have a futuristic connotation attached to them as they regularly feature in science fiction TV shows and films which suggests we will still be sporting the garment for years to come. Jumpsuits in the eye of fashion are an easy to wear item of clothing that you can dress up or down according to the style and print of the garment. Although it may seem that jumpsuits are not very versatile due to their full length arms and legs, there can still be dressed up or down and made to look like a new outfit by incorporating different jewellery and accessories. Try adding a waist belt to clinch in your waist for added definition to your figure, or changing your flat shoes for high-heeled sandals to create a new look. These one piece garments are available in many colours and prints for you to choose from as well as being available in cropped and short styles which have proven extremely popular among fashion followers of today. The jumpsuit has been going strong for many years and will always be a practical yet fashionable garment for people across the world to wear at their leisure. Whether they are a model on the runway or a skier on the slopes, the famous all in one piece will always hold a special place within wardrobes.
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