Hong yu clothing China's era of buyer

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-18
Hong yu garment factory since the site opened, there are a lot of guests to come to visit office and factory, including taobao shop owner, entity shop owner, and part of the brand to buy hand. The emergence of more and more buyers, what are the buyer? Buy a hand appeared in China will cause what kind of? Buy hand shop is a kind of business model developed by europeans, type management, also referred to as the buyer refers to target customers unique fashion ideas and tastes as a benchmark, choose different brand of fashion, accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes and cosmetics goods, store together. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, the stores are usually located in the mall, is an independent store in the shop. In Europe and the United States, this shop mainly in the form of street shop, has a history of nearly a century. Abroad, these buyers shop a hotbed of cultivating designer. Buyers or purchasing designer, on display in the store for sale, or let the designer to work on a consignment store. No matter what kind of business model, for the designer is a & other; Throughout the palm &; Hand out, as long as the work has been bought, and even formed a fixed supply relationship, designers have sales, don't have to bear the cost into the shop, and inventory pressure. Because mature industry chain, European designers can focus on their design link, without too much distraction finance, markets, channels, etc. , but, in contrast, domestic designers and carried through various channels, marketing, capital is not the burden on the design, have to open up so much. Electricity to the attention of the design elements to stylist opens a way out, but now also difficult to walk this path. Three years ago, buy a hand shop in China is basically a blank. After two years in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities on the map, now buy a hand shop boasts around 200 at home, but in the industry point of view, can take out the true meaning of the buyer on the store does not exceed 20 of the country. There is no domestic clothing designer can calculate the upper hand. Due to a lack of buyer mode, domestic designer's situation is not good. A fashion designer from the start the idea of market, at the end of the contact center should pass design, choose the fabric, playing version ( Will design a sketch into a model of the three-dimensional format) , the production, the brand, 品牌) , channels and a series of steps, which is not easy. For example, because of the small book sales, many designers can't afford to format the price, can't get good fabrics, more not find factory mass production. The usual pattern is now the great designers find small factory production, small designers in their own studio production, we said the studio or workshop, you can understand as there are four or five will do clothes tailor. For most Chinese designers, in the above the production chain, the most difficult part of or channel. Many people from abroad, after returning from the powerful and unconstrained style design ideal reality is smash in the domestic market, it is a common confusion in repeated attacks them: & other; Who to buy my clothes? ” Due to the insight into consumer demand for personalized, customized, taobao Tmall, purchase, Vipshop Su Ningyi electric business platform are the C2B direction try transformation, for their own brands and designers and craftsmen provide channels and marketing resources. Both electricity and design, both are commercial, blending a mode change. Chinese buy hand times, although just started difficult, but the development of the electricity pattern, also in support of the buyer as to will like Europe and the United States buy hand system healthy development, we have to wait and see.
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