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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-17
The batch 1 order. Our group of 10, all clothing can be mixed batch, sweethearts outfit 1 set is 1 piece suit three-piece suit for unity is a is a set of oh. 2. Some customers prefer to calculate, we now offer 300 yuan group, and there are preferential oh. 3. We are only do wholesale, temporarily do not set agent or join, an is not wholesale; 4. We can send the sample, the sample is on the basis of wholesale price plus 5 yuan/piece, when you will take the goods to return more than 5 yuan, and take the sample is just the delivery; 5. We are a formal registered company, can see on the dongguan industrial and commercial bureau website, unified social credit code: 91441900 ma4wd2t8xn; 6. Query whether we formal company also can go to the website, it has spread our company's business license or through the site for the record to identify information. A, member award points 1 order clothing. Users can order clothing every 10 yuan product 1 2. Points can also be when money, full 2000 points can change RMB 20 coupons, as long as enough 2000 points can exchange coupons. 3. In addition to the integral can change coupons, our shop wholesale clothing full 2000 yuan can get a coupon of $20, can use 4 order again. But coupons can only use one at a time, can be used at the time of order. Second, pay close attention to and tweeting cashback 1. Attention and forward sina and tencent weibo can be when you wholesale clothing for 10 yuan, now move finger can save some cost. 2. Have any questions or Suggestions can also directly @ hong yu costumes ( Tencent and sina weibo) Certification weibo, we will have a customer service to answer you. Three, 1 bag mail. Guangdong province 3000 yuan package express fee ( Cod hair, delivery speed, not cod can send any Courier) Logistics, fujian association of foreign languages and the full 4000 yuan package, remote area more than 4500 yuan package logistics. 2. Below the consumption of 3000 yuan or 4000 yuan outside the province in the province this standard we don't pack freight. 3. Is freight logistics or express company charged by kg, as for the goods need a few days to get to the really is difficult to estimate, but the Courier is usually 3 - 4 days, logistics is 4 - 7 days, will be longer in remote areas, control of the logistics company, this time we are unable to guarantee a few days must be the arrival of the goods, please understanding!
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