Hong yu clothing factory take you see how clothing brands play O2O

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-19
Hong yu garment factories with you together to see O2O this old topic, you can say it & other; Already bad & throughout; ; But O2O is a new topic, because it is the practice of continuous & other; There are bright spot & throughout; 。 Right now, whether uniqlo & other; Interesting & throughout; Marketing, or large data of Nike or GXG based on intelligent logistics building comprehensive O2O, or Ma Kehua, camels they experiment of O2O model would be a typical case of the industry. One, the GXG makes comprehensive O2O mode if you are in the past & other; Double tenth throughout the &; The & other; GXG” Single, 2 hours after delivery is GXG“ O2O” The innovation, online. GXG in recent years, has been committed to building intelligent iot storage and distribution system of supply chain, in & other; Double tenth throughout the &; During the activity, a second-tier cities in China, a total of 163 stores, truly implement O2O mode to lay a good foundation. Online at the same time open & other; All shops celebrate & throughout; Activities for offline stores to online at the same time, the flow of offline consumers in & other; Double tenth throughout the &; Before they go to store to try on, try on satisfaction in the down payment, locking their goods, & other; Double tenth throughout the &; On the same day in the home to pay the balance payment, can with online consumers as waiting for the goods home delivery service, and online design is consistent with the price of goods. As a result, consumers in & other; Double tenth throughout the &; Not only can enjoy more offline new product, at the same time, after the order can also be faster received the package from the stores around his city, largely avoid the past & other; Double tenth throughout the &; Parcel waiting for a long time embarrassed. According to introducing, this year & other; Double tenth throughout the &; On the same day, GXG 60000 packages from the various stores, on the north, and wide, deep, hangzhou area payment immediately after shipment. This year & other; Double tenth throughout the &; New speed, refresh the wisdom logistics supply chain. GXG totaling more than 450000 package delivery, huge growth in orders, all within 72 hours. “ GXG” Of the project, since 2013, has invested 25 million yuan, the wisdom logistics warehousing technology, hong tong to implement new electricity storehouse in ningbo area more than 20000 square meters, the comprehensive implementation including warehousing, FCL picking, delivery, scattered picking and shipping, replenishment, packaging check, goods collection sorting of the automation system, to & other; Quick response & throughout; The core competitiveness, through information improve the overall level of the enterprise supply chain logistics. It is understood that the & other; Double tenth throughout the &; , 2 GXG sales breakthrough. 5. 5 billion yuan, 1 in the last year. 6. 5 billion yuan, rose 54. 54%, and the overall guest unit price is in 2014 from 536 yuan to 727 yuan this year. Second, uniqlo & other; Interesting & throughout; Marketing success online drainage uniqlo do O2O because, through online drainage, eventually improve the sales of the store. Uniqlo O2O features, use and other Interesting & throughout; Marketing gimmick. UNIQLOCK, for example, a beauty, music, dance and uniqlo in the main clothing combines the clock, it has more than 200 million people in over 200 countries views. Again, for example, uniqlo has also launched a social game based on SNS, consumers in the online social interaction at the same time can also get offline store coupons, the marketing in China has attracted 1. 33 million person-time, smooth uniqlo offline stores to achieve sales target. Currently, UNIQLO official mobile application UNIQLO APP, support online shopping, qr code scanning, coupons and offline store query, the function of online shopping is through the jump to the mobile phone Tmall flagship stores, coupons issued and offline store query function is mainly to offline store drainage, adding the user to store consumption frequency and unit price. Uniqlo not online sales as the core of the reason is that China's express delivery fee is lower, compared with the door to the consumers prefer to home or company; At the same time, uniqlo stores IT system did not get through, with electricity consumers to store the goods, need to EC business express delivery to stores, from the operation but increases the cost. After trial and error, uniqlo has chosen the suitable O2O mode, namely the top line simply as offline side auxiliary, from online to offline drainage, by the sheer force of uniqlo store network, high-quality offline retail services, won a great success. Three, Nike social + data + extreme experience Nike since 2013 to promote their own Nike + digital platform, at the same time also introduced a number of quantitative sports products, such as mobile application for Running the Nike + Running, which has the function of GPS positioning movement wrist watch, wrist strap Fuelband, daily activity records used Nike + Move, etc. In addition, Nike also created for public service account Nike + runners Run Club, launched only 10 days, attracting 16124 followers, spontaneous created more than 1000 users and immediately running theme WeChat group, and through social networks continue to attract more people to join us. These products help Nike well understand users' exercise habits, including a user's movement frequency, time, and location information, the data of hidden a great deal of value
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