Hong yu clothing for brand JASI&CO introduction 'new leisure' design concept

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-21
Hong yu clothing's own brand - JASI& CO, stable development of not only using the original market and resources, recently also propose the new concept of leisure, strive to quality first, gradually improve the personalized fashion. 1. JASI& CO frosted material net color long spell printing leisure suit net color frosted material gives a person a kind of hazy feeling, just the foil the season in March. The recreational design coat open fork just under the wavy skirt collocation. Printing can be designed according to the requirement and change, a variety of types to choose from. Long skirt just to the ankle, won't appear white, distribute the breath in dry. Such casual dress is not only suitable for office worker, also applies to go out in daily, without a coat, leisure walk or go shopping, all show individual leisure. 2. JASI& CO gray long sleeve open collar is designed to get a casual dress with the adornment of the buttons, make whole looks not drab. Loose originally designed with detachable can wear of belt, the collocation of more diversified. MIDI is suitable for the spring and autumn season, can match stockings or single. The fabrics of silk smooth increased overall softness and comfort, overall and easy style, all show toward. 3. JASI& C black long sleeve length full-skirted dress upper body cultivate one's morality leisure, uninhibited, lower body big pendulum, is this character design. Before long after design show slender legs, the hem of the short wave type loose skirt yet casual. Leisure, more individual character, let you wear take a van. Description: JASI& CO has always given priority to with comfortable leisure clothing style, but the proposed & amp; # 8220; A new leisure & amp; # 8221; Refers to the can provide customers with personalized design. Comfort high guaranteed quality of fabrics, in originally simple leisure style try to according to the concept of consumer personality to create belong to its own design.
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