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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-19
As is known to all, China is chemical fiber power. In the past period of time, chemical fiber industry has made remarkable achievements. Always with hong yu clothing comfortable fabrics as the center, the research of chemical fiber products have a certain and actively seeking innovation and development. Fiber is a kind of relatively healthy fabrics, it can change your life, the hong yu clothing simple introduce several fiber clothing brands: 1. JASI& CO chemical fiber cotton telescoped, cultivate one's morality dress simple v-neck of the dress before rib shrinkage in the fold, more administrative levels feels. Two layers of chemical fiber fabrics, close-fitting design greatly increases the comfort of the clothes as a whole. Compared with ordinary knitted fabrics, chemical fiber more attention and better touch. And fiber fabrics with strong water imbibition, is it cotton. 2. Five times, the autumn summer is appropriate. 2. JASI& CO black modal fiber composition of cultivate one's morality dress that wipe a bosom of cultivate one's morality dress use that wipe a bosom, silky fiber modal fabrics, increased the stereo feeling. Fabric has a strong stretch, stretch. Bamboo fiber fabric better shape sex, even for simple style to the extreme, can also be more popular than the average cotton clothing. 3. JASI& CO short-sleeved two builds a monolithic overlap type of coat fabrics lightsome feeling, also can add in this dress but when jacket vest is tie-in, suitable for summer. Two monolithic overlapping design is simple and clear. There is no lack of simple but stylish, integrating leisure, unique. Belongs to hong yu clothing fiber there is still a long way, a lot of field and function need to slowly to dig. But the fiber can change people's lives, to the green environmental protection. Clothing belongs to close-fitting clothing, more should play the positive role of healthy environmental protection, the fiber fabrics used in the design of more clothes, take people into & other; Green age & throughout; 。
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