Hong yu clothing with you experience the charm of 'evening dress'

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-18
Evening dress, also known as evening dress, it is a variety of special occasions necessary clothing at home and abroad. Whether the award ceremony of the enterprise, or formal occasions, in the business, the reception is equipped with a fancy costume, can own image to add a few minutes of personalized breath. Hong yu clothing in the field of evening dress, with stable customers in Germany and some achievements and take everyone to experience the charm of dress below: 1. JASI& CO pink bud silk fabric with pink nail bead of the dress itself can create a shy, lovely atmosphere, long nets yarn highlight & amp; # 8220; Fairy & amp; # 8221; Temperament. The waist lace design elegant, waist head match the nail bead increase somewhat high. Dress is more tall figure, attended the grand award ceremony or business types of formal occasions, is the default choice. 2. JASI& CO sapphire pleated chiffon pressure small skirt look be like common butyl condole belt color design, but it is not difficult to see the workmanship required delicate, fold parts need to handle good fold reduction to highlight the administrative levels of the whole modelling. Shoulder straps detachable can wear, convenient use and collocation. Sapphire show composed low-key but not costly. Whether to attend the wedding between friends, or happy birthday party, this kind of dress does not show exaggeration but enough to show respect for the occasion. Description: D& J in Germany with evening dress the stability of the guest and considerable market, novel design and easy and gradually show individual traits, are popular with European and American countries. Long-term cooperation with German guests won the reputation and has obtained certain achievements. Next day hon yu garment will continue to do our best, and consumers to provide more design concept for the guest, continuous development of market of evening dress.
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