Hong yu garment factories to multi-level and personalized development trend

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-19
The Internet and mobile Internet has disruptive changes in the apparel industry, garment industry across the dongguan, when cluster economy face & other; Internet + & throughout; , will surely bring a baptism to industry supply chain. Dongguan hong yu clothing factory as an industry and trade integration, optimization of the construction of the modern enterprise in the supply chain, discusses the problems of the green supply chain construction uninterrupted, in the tide of reform and innovation gradually towards & other; Internet + & throughout; Big data era, seek multi-level, personalized development. In recent years, the textile industry cluster of structural problems are gradually exposed: local excess capacity, small and medium-sized enterprise innovation ability is not strong, the industrial chain and cluster alignment is not enough. And, as the representative of dongguan clothing factory, dongguan hong yu garment factories of the transformation and upgrading or not is not quick, on the way to establish regional brand fashion characteristics in recent years, remarkable achievements, but in the Internet age, they are as big as the pressure and challenge. Dongguan small and medium-sized enterprises are mostly for simple copy, the result of the serious product homogeneity, when entering to the high cost, slow growth of the new normal, it is hard to survive. Hong yu as small and medium-sized enterprises, the lack of information, lack of innovation ability and the power, only to realize innovation in the supply chain is necessary. Each big clothing factory only enter the supply chain system, there is the survival and development space, no ability to innovate, cannot be integrated into the supply chain, will be eliminated. We firmly believe that the dongguan hong yu garment factories will be bold innovation, catching up the public business, innovative fashion, stability and development. Now, Internet + thinking challenge the traditional business model, supply chain mode changes again. Dongguan hong yu garment factories under the influence of electronic commerce, is no longer dependent on the scale, and more dependent on the reaction rate of the market. Textile industry big into the big time has passed, the era of consumer goods export growth will be over. Textile and garment industry from the cost leadership to the value orientation of transformation is irreversible. Dongguan hong yu clothing factory 15 years focused on the European and American fashion women's clothing, innovative, bold reform, focus on building multi-level and personalized supply chain, this is the way of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes), and is also an effective path for transformation and upgrading of cluster economy.
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