Hong yu garment factories to take you to watch the 2016 to 2017 in China's garment industry change!

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-20
The garment industry in 2016, in a thunderstorm, frost force in the economic environment through: rising labor costs and raw material prices rise again and again; The changes of international environment, which leads to the exchange rate volatility, shrinking international orders and a series of problems; Recruitment, retention, financing difficulties, the staff quality is not high, the market competition increasing challenges, become difficult to bear. The garment industry especially the tangle of s, pain more than happy, but want to outweigh the concerns. The apparel industry in 2017, it is necessary to hold the body and mind in the uncertain situation, prepare yourself, hug big capital fashion new future. Downturn in the clothing business case review: retail terminal garment enterprises generally feel the pressure. Including casual wear, women's clothing, shoes, clothes, luxury goods, not only the a-share listed companies, including Hong Kong company, and even stocks, not just the mainland market, the Hong Kong market also is so, or even worse. Garment enterprise transformation situation review: common input stage, a drag on corporate financial performance. 2017 clothing fashion industry development forward in 2017, the apparel industry, can be expected to continue in 2016, roughly clothing business need to improve the efficiency of management, create a brand, have the texture of products, in terms of transformation and upgrading, improve the success rate of transformation of integration. In the development of China's economy is in a L, retail market channels in the stage of transformation upgrade, clothing enterprises need to better respond to market changes, improve the competitiveness of the main business. At the same time, we can also see that behind the dilemma, some forces of change has been more and more obvious, in 2017, the trend of these changes will further increase. The power of technological change will further change the clothing fashion industry of China's biggest companies is tencent, alibaba also rank highly. On a world scale, amazon's market value is greater than the sum of the main entity retail giant market value. These landmark events show that the new economic alternative and transformation of traditional economy faster than expected. As mobile shopping become a mainstream way of shopping, O2O mode will be more common. As you can see, from the double tenth a binge shopping section of the integration of online retail, consumption experience scene all channels and efficient supply chain as the core competitiveness of new retail model, are emerging, the clothing fashion industry needs to deal with this trend. Consumption upgrade spring is coming, clothing fashion brands will be more lifestyle change in 2016, in the process of transformation and upgrading of the apparel industry, a number of garment enterprises to choose the crossover diversification, or weight change, at the same time, there are many clothing enterprises around the clothing business, with capital as the link, to the upstream and downstream industry chain, in particular to the downstream of the logistics, channel, retail or service industry chain link, to the brand, category, products + services lifestyle brand transformation. Under the background of consumption upgrade, this is garment enterprises do clothing business and stronger a mainstream trend of big and important patterns. Collection of shopping and leisure as one of the shopping center, and the products and services together big shop mode will be preferred. Lifestyle change includes fashion product differentiation and market segmentation. In addition to a second-tier cities and everybody aim & other The middle class & throughout; , three or four line city consumption potential will release further, & other; Fashion throughout the countryside &; Will become the trend. In 2017, retailers will further and small market niche market, cater to consumer lifestyle, retailers will also enlarge the quality service of physical stores, such as coffee and beauty services, let consumers are willing to stay longer in the shop, and provide more differentiated features. The blowout of capital will be reversed transmission clothing fashion industry to accelerate the process of integrated optimization is very popular in the past two years, there are two and contradictory words: & other; Capital throughout winter &; And & other Asset shortages & throughout; 。 This actually say one thing, more and more capital at the same time of risk aversion, looking for a good industry, a good project. Under this trend, the capital of clothing will be more obvious role in promoting the optimization of industrial transformation. Money never sleeps. Transformation of garment enterprises, the first is the transformation of the financing way, this is also an epitome of the development of China's industrial economic transformation. Hong yu garment factories, thinks that in 2016 the clothing fashion industry, the industry remains difficult, transformation is still on the road. But in the way of transformation and upgrading of the apparel industry, catch a technical change, the upgrading of consumption, capital blowout era. The apparel industry in 2017, survive may not mean everything, but still need to stick to it. As long as the survive, will usher in a big brand, big capital and the future of fashion.
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