Hong yu garment will teach you how to play the European and American wind

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-18
At present the beauty of women to the pursuit of fashion is more and more sensitive, catwalk shows popular European and American wind clothing also began to turn to the domestic, European and American style dress collocation is more and more popular, Europe and the United States women's clothing OEM business is more and more popular. 1. Many years in Europe and the United States women's dongguan hong yu of branded clothing is a lot of female friends are in trouble with such a small thing: they feel, Europe and the United States women's wear wind up with van, but bought a down wear is in a mess in his body, no imagine beauty effect of central Europe. Afraid to try again, chastened, even at the sight of this kind of clothes is around three shekels. Actually, don't have such good clothes is withstand test, as long as the right to suit oneself, will understand the European and American wind but also just so so, very good control. 2. Perhaps, from another level understanding, European and American wind effect is simply not wear out. If you don't have wild unruly temperament inherent, a modified external are in vain. That's all. Want to know, what kind of temperament to wear what clothes to wear out to have the best effect. If really love Europe and the United States wind, might as well cultivate my own aura of Europe and America. 3. It is time to terminate the shackles of secular vision early, please, this is what age, the European and American wind can handle return not bashful say oneself is zero zero after rates? Early out, please. Though we have with Europe and the United States on the external conditions for the distinction that having essence, but the heart is the same, when we are back to school the wind lost good, maybe they also remember silently to himself in the ocean. 4. Minimalism coat fashion appeal to all contracted style, this is, of course, nothing to doubt. Europe and the United States has always been adhering to the wind is contracted style atmosphere, it is also through the process is not complicated features perennial stable position of standing in the fashion industry, with aristocratic wind coat is the fashion to a deeper position.
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