How can I contact Hongyu Apparel?
Telephone, email and social media such as Facebook are all available. Please feel free to contact Hongyu Apparel Company Limited. if there are any problems. Our customer service team is happy to help with any queries or problems you may have. The "Contact Us" page provides multiple methods to reach us, depending on your language preference and subject matter needs.

Focused on R&D of mens shorts for many years, Hongyu Apparel leads this industry in China. Hongyu Apparel's couple outfits series include multiple types. An incandescent light requires much more energy to properly heat the filament in order to generate light. The light produced by this product is a cool light that generates little heat, which is high efficiency. The fibres of this product possess outstanding wash resistance. People will find the product very easy to use. Instead of having to read the complicated direction for use, they will get to know how it works in seconds. The colour of stitching always matches the colour of the fabric.

Hongyu Apparel is professional and loyal to exceeding our customer's vision. Call!
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