How consumers choose and buy is suitable for wearing the respirator?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-21
Recently, walk in the streets of the city's many children, youth, and beautiful people are wearing lovely fashionable masks. Because than professional respirators, this kind of fashionable masks no matter on the color and pattern are more lively and lively, very popular. But using this kind of mask are healthy? According to the relevant departments of the inspection, found that cartoon mask on the back is a layer of chemical fiber cloth, polyester fiber in the fabric can be inhaled, can cause upper respiratory tract infections and asthma. Positive print cartoon pattern paint, can irritate the skin also cause allergies, some patients with rhinitis, allergies, asthma wear the mask, and it may even aggravate. Therefore, the choice conforms to the national standard of professional respirators, soft, bao hou uniform, no peculiar smell, smooth not damaged; Indicate the factory name, on the package name, trademark, specifications, mask layers, and indicate the general grade or disinfection, can be careful when buying options. ( 1) Purchase through normal channels. ( 2) Note when buying the product identification mark is clear ( Including manufacturer name and address, product name, product specification, the related certification, protection level, executive standard number, product instructions, production date, it is recommended to use time and storage period, etc. ) , to check whether there is a stain, appearance effect use of deformation, etc. ( 3) Selected according to different air pollution levels corresponding to the level of protection of the mask. ( 4) Selects the respirator for the first time, please refer to the product instructions first try, buy and facial with good joint products. ( 5) Protective masks should be replaced in a timely manner in accordance with the recommended time. ( 6) Wear process such as discomfort or adverse reactions, suggest to stop using. ( 7) Generally speaking, the higher the protective effect, relative to the higher the breathing resistance, long wear high respiratory resistance mask can health will produce adverse effect to the body. Don't suggest consumers long-term, super grade to wear protective mask.
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