How many letters are there in the hebei province professional clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-16
1. Clothing wholesale market of tangshan tangshan hill this stand up to the invasion of the city from the earthquake, has a wealth of natural resources and custom culture, economy in hebei province is in a leading position. Say clothing wholesale, wholesale market is the hill. There are cheap clothes are generally within 100 yuan, and 20 to 50 price, you can choose the scope and space is very big. Also have very good high-grade, there will be some brands of clothes, some class is also very high. Location in tangshan jianguo street to walk, have a bridge and then walk straight 200 meters underground, people, and it is more than place or by 39 road ( To the south) Get off at the hill wholesale market. Hill clothing wholesale market hall construction area of 22000 square meters, the size of the market in hebei province ten big wholesale market. 2. Handan xin Hong Kong international textile city xin international project largest investment project in hebei province in 2006, the international textile city xin xin port it is xin port of first phase of the project group, the total area of 113 mu, total construction area of more than 14 square meters. Project aimed at 'JiNa largest commodity trading center', JiNa largest one-stop commodities trading center, is the central plains cooperation zone of clothing, textile, leather goods, shoes, caps, suitcases and retail commodity distribution center, direct radiation zhongyuan cooperation zone 13, 56 million consumer groups. Project set wholesale, retail, catering, storage, display, and other functions into one, and USES the international planning, overall is divided into three major functional areas. Area C: its gross area is approximately 80000 square meters, the area B: the gross area is approximately 60000 square meters, a total of 2100 independent shops, about 50000 square meters of commercial area of the service function, the motor vehicle parking Spaces 445, non-motor vehicle parking Spaces 4495, can use muti_function the basement of about 110000 square meters, at the same time configuration escalators, elevators and transfer at hand, form a complete set of perfect, the function is all ready, handan is the only retail goods purchasing center in line with international standards. Plan to take the lead in soft opening in May 2009. Handan xin port international textile city xin is the commercial aircraft carrier in the central plains will set sail on May 29, grand. Merchants a good situation, various formats merchants flocked to them, the final sprint stage of the investment promotion work, now we need to clear the owner is entrusted investment promotion, or from the rent, proprietary, so that merchants operating companies arrange merchants. 3. Handan modern textile city modern textile city is located in the shanxi-hebei-shandong-henan area four provinces border city & # 8212; Handan, the market is located in handan city transport hub on the 107 national road, north bus station, train station, advantageous geographical position and convenient traffic conditions constitute the congenital advantage of the clients from all over modern textile city together. Modern textile city as the focus of the handan city, the area two levels of government investment project, was incorporated in March 2005, by the handan textile station cooperation with Hong Kong letter states group development, covers an area of 38 mu, building area of 4. 80000 square meters, officially opened on December 10, 2005. Market with escalators, transfer the complete hardware facilities, and equipped with large parking lot, logistics distribution center, food distribution center and other supporting services, maximize the optimization of the merchants and customers shopping space. The modern textile city is handan handan textile stood JiNa site expansion renovation project of the industrial market. More than 50000 square meters, business outlets, more than 1700 households. Textile city is divided into the transformation of phase I and ii. A period began on July 10, 2005, completed in December 10 business; Phase ii construction began in April 19, on October 19, the completion of the business. The textile city is China's largest textile wholesale market - — Zhejiang KeQiao model, is mainly composed of light textile city and the city of the curtain, is mainly engaged in cloth, window decoration, bedding, knitwear, small commodities, clothing, etc. 4. Xingtai qinghe puyuan China qinghe cashmere apparel products market puyuan wool clothing products market is located in hebei total north, the bohai sea road on the west side, close to 308 national road, beijing-kowloon railway, qingdao-yinchuan expressway in the north, is a cashmere production base in north China and development and sales center, public technology service platform and advanced level model of small and medium-sized enterprise production and sales integration business base, foreign exchange earning important window of foreign trade, domestic brand high quality production base. China, qinghe puyuan wool apparel products, the market covers an area of 989 mu, building area of 600000 square meters, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. Overall by product demonstration, service trade sector, processing of three parts. Including product exhibit a construction area of 5. 30000 square meters, has a cashmere products stores more than 300 rooms. Has so far attracted including ordos, deer, such as domestic Jane bei, snow lotus cashmere products more than 200 manufacturers and distributors, which China's top ten cashmere products in the enterprise has seven. Market has attracted in zhejiang, guangdong, shandong, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities cashmere enterprises. China qinghe puyuan wool clothing products market positioning for the small wholesale and retail. Exhibition hall on the market with a total investment of 80 million yuan, a total construction area of 50300 square meters. Showroom in planning and construction of more than 600 shops, the ground floor for cashmere brand apparel products trade sector; On the second floor of the north district for cashmere products trade sector; Southern district on the second floor for the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission of China qinghe international cashmere trading center.
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