How many production lines does Hongyu Apparel run?
Amounts of production lines enable Hongyu Apparel Company Limited. to enlarge the capacity to create new markets and create needed production capacity. Our mill has introduced globally leading and domestic first-class standardized floral tops manufacturing lines. Except for successful production lines, we've gathered experienced high tech technical backbones and direction talents.

With mens shorts as its core business, HongYu Apparel is skilled at providing high-end products for customers. Hongyu Apparel's couple outfits series include multiple types. The product uses much less energy to provide the same amount of light as other forms of lighting. Most of its energy is used to solely create the light, rather than heat. The fabric of this product is not easily wrinkled. The product is not like that kind of fabric which allows moisture to build up and bacteria and microbes to breed. Instead, it is anti-bacterial. It is perfect for parties, clubs and any other event.

Only excellent quality can satisfy HongYu Apparel's true needs. Welcome to visit our factory!
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