How much the role of medical disposable masks

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-12
As temperatures fall further, in north China has gradually entered the autumn, the season is also prone to dust dust weather, poor air quality, who were also wearing a mask, in the spring and autumn season, the ever masks the sales volume is very big, take taobao day sales, light mask can sell 30000 a day, but according to expert introduction, even medical disposable masks, to 'PM2. 5 'is also ability is limited, the garish fashion mask let alone. So, factory production of mask effect how? Mask after enterprises don't just propaganda, to professional laboratory tests try to say again first. Yesterday, the Beijing municipal medical instrument examination center open lab, enabling new biochemical reference laboratory, medical radiation product testing laboratory, and many other international standard laboratory, it is worth mentioning that here and there are very close to the life of laboratory, such as masks or lab, dental materials laboratory and so on. Inspection, however, the current main entrusted enterprise or unit testing is not open to the public. The citizens of recent deals to buy masks soared, taobao day sold 20000 masks on Beijing citizens. But to choose what kind of mask, because people needed, owing to the different purpose. According to the city Song Lianyou, assistant director of the medical apparatus and instruments, inspection equipment, hard mask is suitable for the mining, cement and other in dust, masks have different models, suitable for users don't have to. If it is used to block pm10 enters the body, so medical disposable masks. Surgical masks, 'he said is aimed at PM3 particulate matter, but for PM2. The role of pm10 under 5 is smaller. The fog days, sensitive people wear surgical masks more appropriate. 'He said at the same time, the protection of cotton masks is limited, the main function is to keep warm. Song Lianyou said, and also affect the protective performance of the mask. In the institute of masks or lab in hard mask, ordinary cotton masks, surgical masks, fashionable masks and so on four different types of masks. When doing the experiment, the staff must wear masks, on a treadmill in a normal pace, scurry, running, jogging, doing experiments to detect face mask or sex. In addition, the institute also has built more than international standard laboratory, coupled with the dental materials laboratory, injector performance laboratory, etc. , altogether has more than 100 lab. Lu Aili, deputy director of municipal food and drug administration, said the new this batch with the international advanced level of medical equipment professional laboratory, will promote China's medical equipment inspection towards internationalization, more effectively to ensure the safety of capital, residents medical equipment use. Surgical masks consists of mask body and tighten belt, which masks face body is divided into inner, middle and outer layer and inner layer for the common health gauze or non-woven fabric, the middle for superfine melt-blown polypropylene fibre material layer, outer layer of non-woven fabric or ultrathin polypropylene melt-blown material layer. This highly effective surgical masks hydrophobic permeability is strong, with tiny virus aerosol or harmful dust filtering effect significantly, the overall filtering effect is good, used materials, non-toxic harmless to wear comfortable.
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