How the handwriting on the clothes washed precise removal is zoned marks

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-09
Manufacturers to introduce the detailed content of dongguan dress clothes cream stain cleaning method, small make up now and bring the handwriting on the clothes cleaning solution. Sometimes write carelessly left ugly handwriting marks on the clothes, how to clean off these pens seal, suit the remedy to the case for different pen seal, dongguan dress manufacturers teach you easily also you clean clothes. Refill handwriting how to wash clothes? Method one: alcohol soaked with a cloth and gently wipe the dirt off ( Alcohol concentration should be chosen not less than 75% of medical alcohol) 。 Method 2: available shampoo to soak dirty place, then add water dilute vinegar, dipped in solution with the brush gently scrub, dirt can divide. Method 3: after the stains with cold water, put some toothpaste, wipe gently rub a small amount of soap, if there are any marks, can wipe with alcohol. Method four: the milk to boil, under your clothes a towel, dip in with a group of cotton soil rubbed hot milk in oil until the oil stains disappear. Method 5: besmirch place in warm water, 40℃) Dip in with benzene or regiment cotton benzene scrubbing, then wash with detergent and water ( Warm water) Rinse. Again after six way: first use gasoline to scrub clean with detergent ( Do not use hot water) 。 Methods 7: with cold water stains, with carbon tetrachloride or acetone wiping gently, then wash with detergent, rinse with warm water. Methods 8: smear is deep, can use first gasoline wipe, with 95% alcohol rub brush again, if the remaining relics, also need to use bleach to clean. Finally with toothpaste and soap gently knead, reoccupy clear water rinse. But it is forbidden to use open blisters. The pen mark on the clothes, The ink watermark) How to wash? 1) Pen stains generally want to buy a little oxalic acid from chemical store ( Granular) , will be contaminated with pen stains clothes rub by soaking water dissolve oxalic acid, can place to trace. Due to the inability of oxalate belongs to weak acid, corrosion clothing. 2) Ink blot general new ironmould or time is not long clothing can be soiled on hot dip in milk or yoghurt, and easier to get rid of. Ink spot on general clothing can be made from 'the proportion of oxalic acid and water mixture, heat, in the condition of hot dip in with cotton ball to take after carefully scrub. The ink spot a disappear then immediately rinsed off with a little warm ammonia solution. On the ink spot available in the wool cotton dress 10% citric acid solution to remove or scrub with 4% sodium hyposulphite water ink stains on the clothes, then wash clean with general method. Can also be almond pound) on the clothes of the stain, knead after with clean water. Dongguan dress for different color ink manufacturer told you can also use the following method. A: the red ink wash with detergent, and then with 10% alcohol scrub, rinse off with clear water again o with 0. 25% of potassium permanganate solution to clear. Red ink on ordinary clothes, usable lemon scrub, and then wash clean. B: blue ink stains with warm water and detergent in 20% of the acid washing, such as wash not to drop, can add 10% of ammonia. Rub with roll of milk baptism, can get rid of. Also can use after cleaning in vinegar. C: wash the black spot, detergent and MiFanLi rub together, and then use gauze or cotton wool spots to attract. Infectant available ammonia washing. Rub repeatedly with toothpaste or milk, then wash with soap. With 4% sodium hyposulphite water scrub. 3) Watercolor stains with the watercolor stains, first to dissolve the stain of colloid with hot water to remove, reoccupy detergent or weak ammonia decoloring, finally with clean water. White clothes available hydrogen peroxide bleaching. 4) Correction fluid stains can be alcohol drops on a correction fluid stains, then use clean water to remove. The signature of the clothes on handwriting ( Black carbon) How to wash? Method one: best use vinegar to wash first, first put clothes in a to 30 degrees centigrade the water immersion, make clothing full moisture inside and outside. Method 2: detergent into the water, the clothes in to soak a quarter of an hour, and then with a soft brush gently scrub. Method 3: use one disinfectant against the water, on the handwriting, and then placing for a while, then wash with conventional methods. Method four: soak the clothes, at the site of the dyed to sprinkle with some salt, 30 minutes, wash out the salt. Method 5: every trace of uniformly on the cover of alcohol, the alcohol concentration should be chosen not less than 75% of the medicine with alcohol. Soaked after a period of time, will the rubbing clean clothes. Methods six: if BiYou woolen outfit with black ink, can be the first besmirch place on trichloroethylene and alcohol ( Ratio is 2 to 3) Mixed solution soak for 10 minutes, at the same time, constantly with a brush, brush gently brush for most of the oily be soiled dissolves, and then washed with soap and water or neutral detergent at low temperature.
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