How to choose colours masks

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-06
Beijing chaoyang hospital, director of the center for sleep apnea guo xi heng asked this question, ordinary qualified masks are generally colorless face mask, its material is made of cotton gauze and non-woven masks, without any chemical treatment, no peculiar smell, permeability and filterability and is very good, so is more safe and clean. And these fashion color mask, most of the chemical fiber fabrics, through chemical processing, its design and color also is made after dyeing, there may be a pungent odor, some color mask inside and outside color differ, coupled with poor permeability. Although use beautiful, but there is a hidden danger to lose weight. 'Some of the color of the mask after dyeing with certain stimulating smell, the smell is easy to cause stimulation to the respiratory tract. 'Said guo xi heng, wear the mask for a long time, is likely to appear repeatedly cough, difficulty breathing, and even induce bronchitis, especially patients with respiratory allergies, asthma, wearing a mask that may aggravate the. If the material of the mask is not good, or with a peculiar smell, will also cause must stimulate to the skin of the face or neck, cause skin allergy. Guo xi heng advice, when buying masks, have to go to normal hospital or drug store to buy, do not in some of the roadside stall to buy, or buy only blindly figure fashion good-looking, and ignore the function of the mask itself. When selected masks, should according to the degree of hotness or coldness of the weather, choose suitable thickness, modest mask. First wash before wearing, ready to two change to wear, and get into the habit of washing the day day, after washing to the sun, or ironed with boiled water, in order to disinfect.
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