How to choose masks pollen allergy?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-30
During the bloomy spring season, more and more people go out for an outing, enjoy flower. But some are allergic to pollen, this kind of crowd every spring is very afflictive, then choose to wear a face mask to prevent. It is picking cotton masks, activated carbon masks or disposable surgical masks? Whether can prevent pollen? Cotton masks is beautiful: being fostered fostered fostered a comfortable being: being fostered fostered fostered the pollen: being fostered fostered beautiful style diversity, for young and old, suitable to keep warm, but due to large aperture, the protective effects of pollen are much less. Activated carbon masks is beautiful: being comfortable being: being fostered fostered the pollen: being fostered containing activated carbon filter layer, can adsorption toxicity of organic gas and dust, no antiseptic function. For larger dust particles has a role in filtering, is part of a resistance for grains. Surgical masks and beautiful: being comfortable being being: prevent pollen: being is being fostered fostered fostered a being is commonly known as being 'mouth' the pig to diameter of 0. 07 - 5 microns between fine particles can reach more than 90% of the protection, prevent pollen works best. Pay attention to this kind of product is not clean, because the bacteria can quickly multiply. Wear a 4 - 10 hours need to throw away.
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