How to choose the haze masks haze weather

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-27
Weifang today is not generally poor air quality, the whole sky is grey, small make up quickly checked air quality, the results showed high levels of pollution, and comprehensive 'haze' v, how to prevent the haze, is the topic of the northern people's more attention, because the north winter coal, heavy industry and concentrated, so in the past few years almost a voice of environmental protection, from our own perspective, how to prevent the haze? When it comes to economic and convenient haze prevention measures, masks from the frequency of usage and cost, it is more knobs. But exactly how to select features high anti haze masks? Currently on the market of the common face mask has three types: ordinary cotton masks, surgical masks, prevent mist haze masks and professional. We tangle of problems are nothing more than cheap't effect, really have the effect, as a mask, often expensive to look. Old adage has a cloud, a price a points goods, dear friends must understand: 'cheap things, in addition to cheap, may never nothing advantages; But expensive things, often in addition to you, the rest is good! 'A, ordinary cotton cotton masks masks, layer number of scary enough, but to put it bluntly just' puffiness ', can only prevent the dust invasion, tackle some larger particles, filtration rate is less than 30%. Diameter of less than 5 micron particles have no effect. In a word, this is can't cope with PM2. 5 second, surgical masks, surgical masks, hey, that sounds much more formal, effect of pull? Nonono, this mask is commonly used by surgeons, actually with the face don't fit, can rise to blocking effect, general and sealed, so, don't fool by selling brand of surgical masks and PM2. Masks PM2 5. 5 mask is the basic structure of outer layer is an antibacterial fabrics, materials for carbon fiber felt pads, polymer fabrics, non-woven fabrics, etc. The middle layer is warm padding, the following is a layer of PM2. Among the five filter, filter to join without dust granule activated carbon, filter through the processing of nano silver bactericides, filter from 95% to 99%. PM2。 The main material of 5 mask is the use of non-woven, filter paper, etc. , and the main is to use lead carbon cloth, can play a good protective function. PM2。 5 mask generally belongs to the disposable masks, try not to use two or more. In addition, we choose in the haze appliance is, will there is a myth, just feel filtration efficiency as well. Breathe easier, however, is measured against the haze masks a more important criterion.
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