How to choose the industrial dust mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-05
Industrial dust mask is essential weapons of labor workers engaged in heavy industry, industrial dust mask is the lifeline of workers and security, away from the dust harm to choice the best industrial dust mask. How to choose the best industrial dust mask? 1. Industrial dust mask must satisfy the security requirements of users, industrial dust mask protection grade must satisfy KN100, nano-sized protection level, protective effect can reach 99. More than 97%, to fully ensure the safety of the consumer protection. 2. Industrial dust masks necessary to satisfy the requirement of the workers' comfort, a lot of dust mask the wearer's face and oppressive feeling even generate indentation, some mask body smell very strong even allergies. Industrial dust mask mask body must be silicone material guarantee non-toxic tasteless to wear comfortable, must and facial fit closely to ensure the safety protection. 3. Industrial dust mask must be workers using the mask, select industrial dust mask and the service life of the dust filter elements long industrial dust mask, is the comprehensive protective measure is cost. If a can is 1 yuan a day, poor quality and low degree of protection; One is 100 yuan a set for half a year, best quality and the degree of protection. There is no doubt that the second choice, the former to spend money to achieve effective protection, no breakouts spend about $1 a day, the latter got effective protection, a day to spend approximately zero. 6 yuan. This is the qualitative difference. Economy should be considered.
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