How to hold open a clothing store purchase some things

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-01
Open a shop early may, struggle, want to open a brand agent or do a stock with no brand clothing store, actually this thing isn't so complicated, would like to search for goods that are less effort to do a brand shop, want to do their own characteristics and then open a bulk clothing store, just want to spend a lot of time to find the goods, in fact ready should also not inferior to brand shop, each have each advantages and the disadvantages of each have each, mainly depends on how you to weigh and avoid the disadvantages. Go into the primary source, generally is a major distribution center in the country's main clothing production or go to replenish onr's stock, common is guangzhou, hangzhou, wuhan, fujian, wenzhou and other places. In these places usually can be done once open a clothing store of goods, but also can know about the others how to decorate the store, how to decorate the shop's location, etc. If you set up shop in the medium-sized city or small city, you don't have to go to those places because you were not, again into more frequent, to a high cost. Can replenish onr's stock in the provinces of large wholesale market prices are not much higher, to a far more cost-effective than you. Generally want to have enough money, a little balance to prepare for all part of the shipment is down? For small retail stores a color code in one to two parts ( Set) Is ok. A lot of the big goods have a lot of color of clothing, don't all in stock! According to the fashion trend and local appreciation level to in size is also to be sure, the middle into two times more head into less. The trousers category is especially important for the size of the master, can consult with merchants number unchanged to choose the suitable size. Open a clothing store stock is the primary problem, want to open a good clothing store must know the replenish onr's stock, good clothing purchase channels to carry out other work. When packing, please pay attention to see if the wrong goods. Online purchase should pay attention to safety don't familiar with the shop can know more about. Don't see what clothing to sell others to follow suit, because you have your own customer groups, like the style of each person is different, and the other people all do that no advantage on success you again, copy only complementary advantages.
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