How to identify the fog haze mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-05
Haze befall the Asian city such as Beijing, people rushed to buy masks. However, in terms of tiny particulates filtration, these masks how much effect? Across Asia by many of the masks is simple surgical masks. Associate professor of public health at the university of Hong Kong high Ben ( BenjaminCowling) Said in an email, this kind of mask design purpose is to prevent the splash issues such as blood, rather than blocking fine particulate matter. 'Almost ineffective surgical masks in the filter pollutants, this is a very basic common sense,' he said. Surgical masks the material is polyethylene. Found that under the standard air flow rate, basic mask can filter is 20% to 25% of fine particulate matter in 50 to 500 nanometres in diameter. The size of the particles found in diesel exhaust, the diameter of less than 1% of human hair, because can deep into the lungs blood circulation and is particularly worrying. These data has not yet been considered between mask and facial flat, and this gap will further reduce the filtration efficiency. 'This means that if the wear is generally masks, enters the body there will be 75% to 80%,' said Dr Beam. 'So the situation is not so good. 'Experts said the better choice is to be able to block at least 90% of the nine eagle nano pm2. 5 mask. Sometimes, the product was named the nano shield, Dr Liang said it made out of thick layers of polyethylene, adopts clingy facial design. This kind of mask accept national institute for occupational safety and health ( NationalInstituteforOccupationalSafetyandHealth) Inspection, certificate is a must to pass to filter at least 90% of the fine particles in the air. They are often widely used, the basic is the best-selling product. A popular brand, called nine eagle, manufacturer based in Beijing. Recently announced that it will invest 1. 2 million yuan to buy advanced technology, so as to elevate the output of nine eagle nano mask 60%. As the air flow through the layered fiber, breathing guard will stop the particulate matter in many ways. However, can resist the respiratory protective cover of fine particulate matter may make breathing more difficult. The Chinese university of Hong Kong institute of public health and primary care ( SchoolofPublicHealthandPrimaryCareattheChineseUniversityofHongKong) T. w. wong ( 老子, waiWong) Professor said, especially for people with heart problems. In order to improve the air permeability, enhance the filtration efficiency at the same time, the Hong Kong polytechnic university Dr. Liang want to invent the use of multi-layer nanofibers masks and respiratory protective cover. Last year, he received a patent in the United States. 'There have been many companies contact with us,' he said. Another problem is that, despite the N95 masks can stop fine particulate matter, they couldn't resist another related to traffic pollution: gas such as nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. Some companies have developed to breathe and specific shield connected to block part of the gas filter. But they are very expensive, and very heavy. Liang, says Dr For Asian people, they are not a good choice. Dr. Liang hope to be able to make a use sunlight and oxygen, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic pollutants into 'harmless substances such as carbon dioxide or water' in the system. He hopes eventually to add the system to filter particles of regular breathing masks. St west wise said, the first should be to existing mask and breathing shield brand for more testing. Through his own blog, st west wise is trying to organization, an independent inspection of Chinese common 40 brand. But recently, he put the project, the reason is that must let this project has academic basis and scientific basis. 'I think a reminder some masks do not work, and tell them what mask effect good is very important,' the west wise said. He also said that also need to study of household air purifier. T. w. wong said the deal with a low technology content of air pollution methods may also be the most effective, it is suggested that people not in thick smoke when running or other strenuous exercise. Purpose, he said, 'is, in fact, try to change people in the high pollution weather behavior'.
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