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How to match with harem pants ?

How to match with harem pants ?


Harem pants are a great alternative to skinny jeans. They can be both comfortable and stylish in the same time. You can wear harem women pants at the office, at a party, at a formal gathering or a casual weekend meet-up with friends. There is a feminine chic vibe to harem pants and this make them a must-have fashion staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

They help us achieve both posh and casual vibe to our outfit. When properly combined with the right clothing pieces and accessorized they can help us achieve a relaxing outfit for casual events or an elegant look suitable for the office. Harem pants should have their deserved place in your wardrobe as they help you look fashionable and add elegant femininity to you look wherever you go. Harem pants are a really versatile type of pants. They fit well every body type and can be worn at different occasions.

As they have a loose-fitting design this fact makes them suitable for plus-size people since they can hide a couple of kilos. Although harem pants are versatile and combine with many things, it’s a tricky task to pick up clothes for harem pants as they don’t combine with every type of  clothing well.

Harem pants are a great alternative to sweatpants. Thanks to this they can be successfully combined with sport shoes for achieving a look that is both leisure and sporty. As we know, sport shoes come in many designs, fits and styles. The good thing about harem pants is that thanks to their versatility they can be equally successfully combined with sport and elegant fashion pieces Harem pants look great with fashion trainers, bright-colored canvas sneakers, smart-looking kicks.

Sport shoes look amazing when their colors match those of the harem pants. This look is great as it offers us flexibility in our everyday lives. Its main advantage is that it helps us look elegant but also feel comfortable in the same time.

 For achieving a sporty laidback look you can combine harem pants with tennis shoes, jordans or runners in a neutral color. If this outfit looks too plain for you, you can make it more interesting by adding a statement watch, scarf, baseball cap, or a colorful jewellery like bracelets. But don’t overdo it as too much accessories can spoil our total look.

Another option way to achieve sporty and elegant glam is to combine jordans with harem pants that have an edge vibe to them. Camo-style harem pants are perfect for getting a dapper city look. Add a simple drop top and your look is complete.

If you are a fan of sneakers, converse shoes are the best way to achieve a casual city look.  Combine your favourite pair of sneakers with a harem pants in matching colors for a busy day in the city.

Summer vacation

Sandals are a must-have staple for our summer wardrobe. Combine simple design sandals with a patterned pair of loose-fitting harem pants.

Classic look

High-heels are a timeless staple every woman should own and they are a perfect way to dress up our favourite harem pants. No matter what type of harem pants we choose, when we add a pair of high-heeled shoes, our look immediately becomes more stylish and feminine. 

Harem pants can be combined with pointy toe pumps and also kitten heels which makes up an outfit perfect for formal events. High-heeled shoes combine very well with fabric harem pants. This makes up an attractive elegant look. If you want to give fresh feel to your elegant formal outfit, wear a stylish crop top.

The classic-style pumps make our look more feminine and soften the sporty look of the harem pants. The result is a sophisticated look perfect for special events. Remember that if your harem pants are too long, you should shorten them in order to show off the classic heels and attract the focus on your legs.

Chic and classy everyday look

Combine your harem pants with flat shoes for everyday outfit. They help us achieve a snug and girly look.  Simple ballet flats are one of the options we can choose to wear with harem pants. If you pick your harem pants to be with a colorful pattern, choose your flats in one neutral color. And the other way around: if  your flats are colorful, your harem pants should be in a simple color. If you don’t like much this outfit, choose other type of footwear like flat boots, thong sandals, lace-up flats.

You can wear such an outfit basically everywhere: from a family gathering to a night-out with friends. If you choose this exact combination, stick to neutral shade colors like white, black, gray and stay away from bold colors or lively prints that may look out of place. If you choose it for formal events, pair it with a blazer.

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