How to select quality dust mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-24

See dust mask this name, we understand the mask must be used to prevent dust from entering our respiratory system, so we will choose the high rate of dust prevention, so do you know about how to choose high quality dust mask, below. 1, mask and face seal degree is better when the mask and face is not right, the dust in the air gaps from around the mask into the respiratory tract. So, people should choose to suit his face dust mask and correctly wear dust mask. 2, wear comfortable including breathing resistance is smaller, lighter weight, wearing a sanitary, convenient maintenance, such as wear dust mask arch. A dust respirator efficiency high and low for its of fine dust, especially for the following 5 microns respiratory dust efficiency of powder dust half mask as the standard. General gauze masks and the principle of dust is a mechanical filter, namely when the dust fly into gauze, through layers of block, will be cut off some of the large particles of dust in the gauze. Fine dust, however, especially in less than 5 microns of dust, will wear in the past, from the gauze mesh into the respiratory system. Some dust mask for sale on the market, the filter material is composed of filled with permanent anti-static fiber, those less than 5 microns dust through the process of this kind of filter material, will be electrostatic attraction and adsorption on the filter material, real resistance dust.                                

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