How to wear disposable masks you wear the right thing?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-14
As the weather warming, there is many places in the north street full of flocculant catkin Yang, like snow, many residents go out wearing disposable respirator, for disposable masks, small make up you really want to ask next everybody wearing right now? First to get to know together under the mask, be it disposable masks, or other masks, has positive and negative, in terms of disposable masks, color depth is positive, positive outwards. The opposite of disposable face mask color is more shallow, reverse itself, that is to say, color shallow side close to our face. In addition, also note that has one end of the metal strip is the top of the mask, don't bring upside down. Points clear mask positive, negative, above, below, from the side of a mask is not far away. Wash clean, ensure that the mask color shallow side itself ( Reverse side) , a metal strip end up, will be at the ends of the rope to hang on the ear, then press the bridge of the nose with both hands on either side of the metal strip, make masks the top close to the bridge of the nose. Then stretch mask down, make the mask not fold, better cover nose and mouth. So you wear well, shown below.
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