Hubble-bubble sleeve how to wear clothes don't look fat contract answer for you

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-16
Clothing suppliers to tell you the straight line of simple dress sleeves exaggerated bubble up, especially the stiff fabric coat or dust coat up five points on bubble sleeve, are greatly breaks through the previous style of hubble-bubble sleeve lovely and sweet, becoming look handsome. Two kinds of hubble-bubble sleeve won't appear younger. The kind of small hubble-bubble sleeve is a kind of shoulder, namely small hubble-bubble sleeve on the shoulder, has a sketch effect to the shoulder, do not lose the beauty of a woman's gentle; Is another bubble down to the bayonet of the long sleeves, tighten the cuffs have many fold bubble effect, have qualitative feeling special use of knitted fabrics, make sense and free and easy temperament. Mature woman wearing very enchanting. Clothing suppliers to tell you the best modification is wide shoulder hubble-bubble sleeve raglan. The vision is your arms long, rather than shoulder width. Shoulder hubble-bubble sleeve top girls had better choose to have the shoulder pads, and the material is hale, just can have & other; Type & throughout; 。 Bat sleeve shirt has a lot of street fashion sense, match and straight skirt or wrapped in tight trousers, reoccupy belt body-hugging, which outline all curves, becomes graceful, do not lose the feeling of leisure street. Hubble-bubble sleeve exaggerated color, distinctive modelling is preferred. Hubble-bubble sleeve clothing fabric such as thinner, collocation of crystal jewelry is the most appropriate; If feel stronger PVC fabric, might as well with metal accessories; For the flax hubble-bubble sleeve unlined upper garment, with wooden deserve to act the role of the most appropriate. Clothing suppliers tell you big twirls a white shirt is the most popular, but to pay attention to the quality of shirts, silk or silk to compare the quality, more suitable for career women. Recommend collocation capable of straight trousers, or dynamic pencil skirt. Skinny girls in particular, wear small shoulder hubble-bubble sleeve is more appropriate, because she hold up big hubble-bubble sleeve. Also notice collocation leggings, up and down all loose clothes very drowns the thin girl. Clothing contract proposal busty, don't place in the plump for strengthened, and the big arm coarse, the most suitable relative five points hubble-bubble sleeve. A lot of people think long big twirls will cover thick arm, well note, when actually wearing twirls around the sleeves to be more than 4 cm, it have elegant feeling.
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