HuiMei international garment city, guangzhou city, guangdong province, clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-12
HuiMei international garment city located in yuexiu district of guangzhou city, guangdong province, huanshi road west 139 ( Standing opposite the west square) , the main business clothing. HuiMei garment city is opened in 2008, with the central air conditioning and bright decoration design, modern and comfortable walking in them more like the sort of the pops a large clothing store. 1, 2 floors underground parking lot, up to more than 500 parking Spaces, store 24 hours closed-circuit monitoring, management norms. HuiMei international garment city close to the station, the west clothing wholesale market and provincial bus passenger stations after continuous efforts, guangzhou HuiMei international garment city gradually formed their own characteristics & # 8211; Give priority to with han edition dress, guangzhou HuiMei international garment city now has gathered a large number of south koreans in open a shop. Is a new 'koreatown'. HuiMei international garment city north gate and south gate, eye-catching color make HuiMei wholesale market in the area surrounding the beautiful scenery, as well as red is the choice for shopping and wholesale. This is HuiMei store decoration style, it is the emerging 'koreatown, shop decoration is full of the flavor of the south Korean romantic, the inside of the environmental facilities is standing in the wholesale market in the west area is good. Well suited to can not find a good place to go shopping place for at ordinary times. HuiMei han edition of the international garment city negative on the first floor to the second floor to fashion women's clothing, shoes, accessories, Five pieces of a sixty percent discount) , children's clothing, hats, socks, give priority to. Of the price to 100 yuan or so commonly; Men and women fashion series, 3 / f price deviation in high-grade; 4 - 5 floor men's fashion, price deviation in high-grade; 6th floor is cinemas and China construction bank, mainly south Korean food and more than food. Good environment, something delicious and inexpensive. HuiMei is wholesale market in guangzhou environmental facilities of a wholesale market, is also the wholesale and retail, like red international fashion city. Most of the archives mouths here are standing around the west wholesalers to open branches, with the same clothes is different in different PiJia wholesale market. Nuts and some clothes from 13 line, PiJia will be more expensive than 13 lines there PiJia about $30. The gear shop decorate a style, don't make a around like shopping here. To clear the goods, also often have special clothes, also some special quality problems. HuiMei and red two wholesale market, is of the same nature of the two wholesale market is not familiar with, understanding first and then choose goods, with the same clothes, because in the group of 90 yuan, red in HuiMei may group of 80 yuan. Here also have a plenty of storefront fitment clothes design is fashionable, distinctive and cargo must have a mind of your own, don't get the clothes in the store decoration and fine around their own aesthetic view. Bus route: to guangzhou railway station bus can build, near the railway station, can walk to the oh.
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