Humen around the upgrade to the internationalization of the apparel industry

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-12
In the late 1970 s and early 80 s, humen from a street vendor selling clothing began gradually to the clothing manufacturing. In the 1990 s, humen clothing trade continue to upgrade. Built in the township government in 1993 by the prosperous commercial building, become a large-scale professional clothing market tiger family. Since clothing trade and manufacturing form a virtuous cycle, together for the city has made many business owners and GDP, become the development of financial resources, and guide of urban landscape. Enter the humen remain high speed development in this century, each year countless clothes out from the busy town, around by car, train, the trend of the steam turbine. If wear in everyone can be a kind of influence, so the influence of the humen already all over the world. This brilliant reached new heights in 2005. In September this year the national ShouPing 'thousand strong town', humen among the top of the national thousand strong town. Into the humen near the prosperous common people fashion city and buyers said the whole south China clothing market of rain or shine. Made up of the prosperous common people fashion city such as the carrier of the old central humen clothing business circle is located in humen, 1 square kilometers with more than 20 clothing wholesale market, were highly populated, but the property is aging. In the combination of industry and urban commercial carrier is undoubtedly the first front. Humen clothing has a whole industrial chain, but rise since the trade, commerce and even tied for humen clothing one of the four major industries. Witnessed the industry crisis after 2008 humen start planning new clothing business circle, trying to take the market as the incision to increase strength for garment industry. And humen with issued relevant documents by the end of a series of measures are put forward, including around the apparel industry puts forward construction ideas, brand, fashion information, e-commerce and so on six big center, and plans to invest 1. 200 million yuan to establish a national clothing innovation service center. Humen hope to strive for two years clothing accessories industry cluster, more than 50 billion yuan in sales drive dongguan clothing accessories industry cluster with annual sales of 100 billion yuan. Humen a new round of urban construction will create 'a central business district,' four major economic sectors. The central plate main apparel industry cluster, the plan form 10 square kilometers of the business district, while the China electronic industrial park occupies four plates in the northeast. The other three plates are respectively southern international logistics park, western hubei vying cultural ecological tourism island, and transport hub in northern new town. In the past years of extensive economic development mode, humen there are a large number of industrial buildings away from the urban space, the current development of urban industry become the inevitable choice. Humen will promote modern producer services, manufacturing, high-end links and science and technology enterprises cluster, push the urbanization way of life and the integration of modern industry development.
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