Humen build children's clothing name town but enterprises feel the pressure

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-12
Humen women's clothing is a very beautiful card, and children's clothes have just started in recent years, humen said also vowing to transform it into a children's clothing name town, but for children's clothing humen or novice, but there are women's wear still experience should be easy to rush out the result, but does not enter the line is don't know the hard work of the industry, only really do this industry to know the way how difficult, but now that the government is determined to have the believe will invest more resources in every respect, and that two years of humen children's clothing wholesale market is also one by one, beside we have several children's clothing wholesale market, look for the future development of momentum is very strong. And some have already done in humen years of children's clothing enterprise boss said pressure good big, enterprises are facing inventory pressure, jiangsu and zhejiang provinces of price dumping and talent bottleneck, and many other challenges. Enterprises should break through in this round of melee build brands, need at least five to eight years. And humen in recent years has also arranged for children's wear clothing fair, even if such field to professional buyers but they are few and far between, into the field of the housewives are snapping up cheap baby clothes. Out and is on the copied version too fast, now the new brands are not daring to plugins, 70% of the children's clothing manufacturers in the domestic brand status, humen baby clothes would stand out, when the first layer of the block is some inflation manufacturers: every out a new, zhejiang area of enterprises directly copy edition copy, a week can produce cheap fake products, low prices preempted market. Our factory price of 30 yuan small formal attire, they only sell in the wholesale market of 28 yuan. The personage inside course of study revealed that develop brand difficult, most companies still rely on orders and production, to maintain the whole operation. Children's wear enterprises put more money on production, after six months to recycle the payment for goods. The economic environment deterioration of a became a vicious cycle. Enterprises on the new research and development and investment, delayed the new delivery date, brand living environment more difficult. China will usher in the fifth round 'baby TongChao', children's wear industry there is at least 15 years of a bull market. But in children's wear enterprises look bumpy road, they need more support. Such as the government can joint hypermarket sponsored children's wear special discount, help enterprise minus one inventory reduction pressure? In the lead the enterprise to develop the mainland market, can be more careful consideration, don't pull the enterprise to the buses are rarely to the exhibition? But government support is just part of the work, the main enterprises themselves to break. Enterprise itself is not trying to promote the government that must alone is not enough, now you copy version of the form for indeed it is not good, the future enterprise will better protect their own design, the future all the protection of intellectual property rights will be more closely.
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